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Glenn Frey, The Eagles and Lyin' Eyes

After last week’s shock news of the death of David Bowie, I had hoped it would be some time before the blog would end up being about the death of another ’70s rock legend but here we are again. 839 more words

1970s Songs

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It seems I am to be without my computer for yet another few days and yes CC, the Blogging DTs are setting in! It is a First World problem however, and not life threatening, so I will be patient with the lovely man in the computer shop whose wife is apparently turning 30 tomorrow, so he is having a couple of days off - I tried to be all enthusiastic about the birthday trip to London to see Phantom Of The Opera but all I was really thinking was, "That's another few days with no posts on Alfie!". No matter, in the meantime here is the post from this day last year which was also the day that we found out that Glenn Frey from the Eagles had passed away. It was to be an oft repeated pattern as the year went on but thankfully, last January, we just didn't know that yet.

Bob Seger Releases Free Glenn Frey Tribute Song

By Hayden Wright

When Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed away last year, legions of fans grieved while fellow musicians mourned his death more personally. Bob Seger recorded “Glenn Song,” out now to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Frey’s death. 243 more words

The Route 103

Classic Rock Almanac January 15, 2017


2015-The Black Crowes‘ hiatus turns into a full-fledged split when guitarist Rich Robinson issues a statement blaming his brother Chris for wanting to change how the band’s members are paid. 412 more words


Those Shoes

Continuing the review of 1979 from last week, we have “Those Shoes” by The Eagles from their album The Long Run, released that year.

Musical Interlude

In The Long Run

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a difference a week makes.  Persons worry and worry and worry some more.  If anyone has read the Deputy Digby Pancake book which doesn’t exist yet because I haven’t  written it yet, you will know that worry is a bad thing.   603 more words