The Fed has yet to take monetary reform seriously

LARRY SUMMERS is right; this year’s Fed symposium in Jackson Hole was triply disappointing. In the weeks before the gathering, members of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) publicly discussed their worries that the current monetary framework might leave the Fed unable to deal adequately with future slowdowns. 115 more words

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RE: "African Democracy: The march of democracy slows"

Threats to democratic rule in Africa are growing, but time and demography are against the autocrats.

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Election irregularities in Zambia follow the typical pattern used across Africa: muzzle the opposition, use state power to harass their supporters, use state institutions that ought to be independent to carry out the bidding of the incumbent political party.

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How to get poor countries out of low-trust ruts

THE headline on this piece overpromises. I don’t know how exactly to flip a low-trust society to a high-trust state. No one does, sadly. The question is one of the most important in economics, however. 115 more words

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Why China’s lane-straddling super-bus won’t get off the ground

IT STARTED with a fanfare, albeit with a bemused tone. “China’s bonkers elevated bus is real and already on the road,” announced Wired on August 3rd. 151 more words

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Cloud chronicles

AS BOSSES go, Linus Torvalds and Andy Jassy couldn’t be more different. Mr Torvalds works, often in his bathrobe, out of his home in Portland, Oregon. 178 more words

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Patel-tale signs of orthodoxy

CENTRAL banks need the confidence of investors to function well, so questions about their leadership and independence are seldom welcome. On August 20th Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, belatedly appointed a new head of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), nine weeks after Raghuram Rajan, the incumbent, surprised everyone by announcing he was stepping down. 133 more words

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Rebirth of a sales firm

“I AMWAY you this song!” So declared Tan Weiwei, a Chinese pop artist, during a performance in Shanghai on August 14th. Hers was the closing act in a gala celebration thrown by America’s Amway, the world’s largest direct-sales company, for its top sales representatives in China. 154 more words

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