Alitalia is bankrupt again. This time perhaps it’s terminal

WHEN employees of Alitalia were offered the chance on April 25th to vote for pay cuts and redundancies to save the troubled airline, they spurned the opportunity. 175 more words

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Small flying “cars” come a bit closer to reality

“YOU may smile, but it will come,” said Henry Ford in 1940, predicting the arrival of a machine that was part-automobile and part-aeroplane. For decades flying cars have obsessed technologists but eluded their mastery. 169 more words

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Reducing rates for “pass-through” businesses will be tough to justify

THERE are two main reasons for a country to paw around in its tax code: to create more economic growth, or to repair a structural deficit… 141 more words

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Podcast: How will France's election affect business?

As the presidential race narrows to two strongly contrasting candidates, we explore what a victory for each would mean for businesses. The digital revolution is making measuring GDP a bit trickier. 30 more words

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Reports of populism's death are premature

MONDAY was a day when, in the latest jargon, the markets went “risk on”. Equities rose, the spread between the yields of French and German bonds narrowed and the euro rebounded. 155 more words

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Open Source Stories: Ball Aerospace, AT&T

I love seeing a trend of large companies embracing open source projects, both from the business angle and understanding that open standards help everyone.

An Aerospace Coder Drags a Stodgy Industry Toward Open Source… 124 more words

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