Describers vs. Prescribers: Reaching a Linguistic Common Ground

When I published The Power of Six, my first collection of short stories, a reviewer said that the book had grammatical errors, albeit small ones. 603 more words


Transport employees in America were secretly paid by the government to search travellers' bags

THERE are many reasons why you might have been stopped at an American transport hub and your bag searched by officials. You might have be chosen at random. 155 more words

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If Matteo Renzi’s proposals lose, insufficient economic reform could be to blame

ITALIANS take to the polls this weekend to vote on reforming their political system. Reform of many sorts would certainly be welcome; the IMF recently declared that it would take some two decades for Italy to regain the economic footing lost since 2007. 158 more words

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Revising bank-capital standards

A STEEP climb awaited the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in Santiago on November 28th and 29th. The central bankers and regulators hoped to agree on revisions to Basel 3, the post-crisis version of bank-capital standards. 183 more words

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Why the Chapecoense football team’s plane ran out of fuel

MUCH remains unknown about Lamia Airlines flight 2933, which crashed into the hills of Colombia on November 28th, killing 71 of the 77 people on board (see… 166 more words

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Siemens and General Electric gear up for the internet of things

IT DOESN’T take long to walk from Siemens’s old headquarters in Munich to its new one, inaugurated in June: the German industrial conglomerate has built it right next door. 173 more words

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France’s nuclear-energy champion is in turmoil

Under pressure

THESE are difficult times for Electricité de France (EDF), the country’s quasi-monopolistic electricity provider, serving 88% of homes. Outages at no fewer than 18 of the 58 EDF-owned nuclear reactors that provide three-quarters of France’s electricity have meant a slump in production: the company says annual nuclear output could fall to 378 terawatt hours (TWH), from 417 TWH last year. 130 more words

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