Life in the fast lane

ON THE face of it business executives and Formula One drivers have nothing in common, other than the fact that they do their jobs sitting down. 171 more words

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Striking it rich

Keeping a close eye on the barrels

TWO lines of business have stood out of late for their inability to make money: journalism and oil. So when it emerged on May 23rd that Argus Media, a British firm that reports global commodities prices, is to be sold to an American investment firm for $1.4 billion, it aroused a variety of emotions. 144 more words

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Make me

“IF VOTING made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it,” quipped Mark Twain, an American writer. Some governments, however, think voting makes such a difference that they oblige voters to do it. 138 more words

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Ignorance isn’t bliss

IT IS not the “unknown unknowns” that catch people out, but the truths they hold to be self-evident that turn out to be completely wrong. On many issues, the gap between public perceptions and reality is very wide. 163 more words

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Sumner’s lease

UNDER normal circumstances, a nasty public power struggle between a company’s controlling shareholder and its chief executive might put a dampener on the share price. But the circumstances at Viacom, a media conglomerate, are anything but normal. 167 more words

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Upward mobility

Rivals in the pink

CAR companies have long talked a good game when it comes to harnessing technology that threatens to undermine the business of making and selling vehicles. 172 more words

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Proof positive

AVENUE PÉTAIN, a tree-lined boulevard of grand mansions and Art Deco towers in Shanghai’s old French concession, was once one of the city’s most prestigious residential streets. 155 more words

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