The global economy: Optimistic IMF forecasts could be undone by financial woes

THE developing world is catching up with advanced economies, but no longer as quickly as they would like. That has spooked investors. The slump in commodity prices and fears of an increase in interest rates in America led to 2015 being the first year since 1988 in which there will be a net capital ouflow from emerging markets.The IMF’s new World Economic Outlook, published yesterday, offers little comfort. Some of the IMF’s headline projections seem relatively chirpy. Despite deepening recessions in Brazil and Russia, the BRICS economies as a whole are still growing at a decent speed of 4.8% this year, and growth is projected to rise to nearly 6.0% in 2020. Last month Citi warned that a global recession led by an emerging-market slowdown is on the way; the IMF are positively bullish by contrast. In 2016 the IMF expects China to steam ahead at 6.3% growth, and India at a whopping 7.5%.But the IMF has been accused of over-optimism in the past, and they themselves admit that there are some big risks. 64 more words

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How novel. The Economist tackles Palestinian corruption

The West Bank tires of its government
October 2, 2015

IT SEEMS that the ageing politicians who appear on the official Palestine television station are in “urgent need” of a makeover. 194 more words

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There's actually a startup that is making micropayments for journalism work

The Dutch micropayment platform for articles is taking off in spectacular fashion. Its foray into the German market delivers another proof of publishers’ interest in the kind of business model Blendle embodies. 1,111 more words

Welcome to the Drone Age

The scale and scope of the revolution in the use of small, civilian drones has caught many by surprise. In 2010 America’s Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) estimated that there would, by 2020, be perhaps 15,000 such drones in the country. 354 more words


Show Them the Money?

This week I’ve seen at least a half dozen articles talking about how profitable it is to increase gender diversity.

The Economist ran “The Power of Parity” 494 more words


A Life Post

This post will be less interesting than many of my previous ones — I haven’t climbed a mountain, sampled exciting food or drink, or met anyone I couldn’t understand — but I have done a lot of things recently, and I want to write about them. 684 more words