Another carrier experiments with child-free zones on planes

A FEW years ago a spate of airlines introduced child-free areas on their planes, in order to appeal to business travellers. Now another carrier has joined the list. 135 more words

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Interpreting the electorate's wishes

ANYONE who has lost a close relative will have learned to beware the phrase “It’s what he/she would have wanted.” The deceased, alas, are no longer around to express their wishes. 172 more words

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China worries subside

OPINION polls have taken a bit of a reputational battering in recent years. In Britain, they underestimated the strength of the No campaign in the Scottish referendum and failed to predict a Conservative majority in the 2015 election; while in America, … 153 more words

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American carriers are much better at dealing with Twitter complaints than European ones

FRUSTRATED by long wait times on the phone and inadequate responses at airport counters, travellers are increasingly turning to Twitter to lodge complaints with airlines. But before angrily whipping out an iPad while stuck in a departure lounge, it is worth considering one important factor: the continent on which the offending carrier is based. 138 more words

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Self would really like to thank Ben Ehrenreich for The Way to the Spring: Life and Death in Palestine. The book’s been well-reviewed (She got interested in it after reading a featured review in… 316 more words