Flyers may soon have their books and magazines screened

TO THE many invasions of privacy that have become commonplace in air travel—the pat-downs, the hand swabs, the shoe removal, the endless rummaging through luggage by security agents—one more may soon need to be added: the examination of reading material. 132 more words

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Podcast: The Italian bailout job

Italy has been forced to bail out two banks at a cost of as much €17bn euros ($19 bn). Is that the end of the bleeding in Italy’s financial sector? 53 more words

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Can the fund management industry deliver a better deal for investors?

IMAGINE an industry where the average profit margins were 36%, where the regulator found little evidence of price competition and where the average person did not get the benefit of the lower charges available to the wealthiest customers. 127 more words

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El Al can no longer ask women to move seats on religious grounds

ONE of the more unsavoury airline practices has now been outlawed. In 2015 flight attendants on El Al, Israel’s national carrier, asked Renee Rabinowitz, an 81-year-old holocaust survivor, to move seats after she boarded her flight in New Jersey. 102 more words

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An interesting view

From The Economist re BREXIT

Mr Hammond is a grown-up in a political playpen that is stuffed with children. The chief claimant to the throne, Boris Johnson, is the most childish of all.

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Etihad allows flyers to bid to keep adjacent seats empty

THERE are few things that airlines will not now put a price on. Even so, Etihad Airways has come up with an intriguing idea. The Adu Dhabi-based carrier is offering flyers the chance… 144 more words

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Bước nhảy lượng tử

After a century stuck in textbooks, mind-bending quantum effects are about to power mainstream innovation 

A BATHING cap that can watch individual neurons, allowing others to monitor the wearer’s mind. 2,176 more words

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