Trump Proves Steinbeck

“A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ.”

~John Steinbeck, awarded the Nobel Prize in literature this day in 1962

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Out of cash and almost out of time, Venezuela's PDVSA seeks bond deal

PDVSA. Photo: Wikipedia.

Once a company with coveted jobs and “above average” salaries and now a troubled giant, Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA has succumbed to the economy around it and left employees “struggling to pay for everything from food and bus rides to school fees as triple-digit inflation eats away income” according to… 225 more words

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How much do China, Japan and America trade with the EU?

A POPULAR idea is floating around certain circles: that you do not need a deep trade deal with the EU in order to trade with them in a significant way. 179 more words

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Making sense of the Wallonian veto

IF CLEVELAND were given the right to veto any potential trade agreement between American and another country, how many trade agreements would ever be enacted? One reasonable guess is: none. 164 more words

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AT&T and Time Warner plot a blockbuster media future

A DEAL worth $85.4bn is by any standards a blockbuster. The agreement by wireless and pay-television giant AT&T to buy Time Warner, owner of Warner Bros, HBO and a trove of hit films and TV shows, is the biggest bet yet that the future of media will be dictated by massive companies that best marry distribution with content. 151 more words

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Africa wasn’t “rising” before and it’s not “reeling” now

Africa is no longer rising, according to a New York Times article (paywall) last week. Ethiopia is in a state of emergency. Nigeria, the continent’s largest economy, is officially in a recession. 600 more words

The Economist / African Arguments review 'Migrant, Refugee, Smuggler, Saviour'

The book Peter Tinti and I wrote received very nice reviews this week, one from African Arguments, a website that is a must read for policy-types who follow politics in Africa, and one from the  594 more words