What to drink at 30,000 feet

THERE exists a genre of information which might be termed “little-known facts that everyone knows”. It is the sort of tidbit you expect to amaze your friends at a dinner party, but which is greeted with rolled eyes. 151 more words

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Clean energy’s dirty secret

Could the rise of renewables be putting the traditional electricity market into a crisis? Also: Economist Diane Elson takes governments to task about the gender biases in their economic policies. 30 more words

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Long Range Power Transmission

by Matt Johnson

One of the problems that has grappled electrical engineers over the last few decades is the long-distance transmission of power. As the shift towards renewable energy continues, we are finding more and more electricity being generated farther and farther away from consumers. 283 more words

Smart Grid

I spy... Scrub away the Body Shop

In The Economist, February 18th-24th, 2017

Growing up, the Linguini loved going into two main shops in my town: The Body Shop, to look at and take a whiff of the beautiful soaps and bubble baths, and the furniture shop I cannot remember the name of, but I loved trying out all the different comfy chairs à la Goldie Locks. 326 more words


The busiest airports in Europe

ANYONE who has tried to hold a conversation in a West London garden will wonder how it is possible to squeeze any more more flights into Heathrow Airport. 138 more words

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Caterpillar (CAT) | A Study in Pricing Acceleration

CAT stock | This stock was at about $80/share at the end of October 2016 and within a few months after the red dashed wave struck a +75 jumped almost to $100 or 25%.  27 more words


Meet Chiran

Sự gặp gỡ Trung – Iran

Đối phó với quan hệ hợp tác Trung Quốc – Iran

Pratibha Thaker (Dec 2016)

The Economist – The world in 2017. 1,337 more words

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