Economist can’t handle the facts (about RT)

RT | January 21, 2017

Most economists are good with numbers. It is, after all, a prerequisite skill for the profession. Thus, it’s somewhat ironic that a publication called…

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To the Last

Obama:  How do we make sure that we don’t change, even as we protect our people?”

— quoted in The Economist, 26 November 2016


Korea Air admits to tasering unruly passengers

CABIN crew on Korea Air flights have used electric stun guns to pacify flyers on five occasions, according to an investigation by the BBC. The report says that South Korea’s national carrier is the only big airline known to fly with such tasers on board. 157 more words

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You can't be both populist and a free market conservative

IT WOULD be hard to find two more different characters than Theresa May and Donald Trump; the former a suburban vicar’s daughter, the latter a brash reality TV star. 167 more words

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Listen, liberal: Alexei Kudrin wants to liberalise Russia’s economy to save it

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Alexei Kudrin wants to save Russia’s economy, but the Kremlin now thinks its model is winning

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Listen, liberal

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Why presidents take an oath of office

AT NOON on January 20th, Donald Trump will take the presidential oath of office, administered by John Roberts, the chief justice. With his right hand raised and his left hand atop two bibles, Mr Trump will say “I do solemnly swear”, (though he also has the option to “affirm”, using a book of his choice), “that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.” 170 more words