La Reputación: ganando tiempo cuando las nuevas tecnologías amenazan la supervivencia de la empresa.

Aunque se publicó hace unos meses, acabo de leer un artículo muy interesante sobre estrategia de negocio y tecnología publicada en el The Economist hace unas semanas. 424 more words

Reputation Management

El Interpretante: "LA Tercera OPCIÓN"

Mexico City, Mexico.

Jorge A. Hernández Barba / @Metalfka

Todos los días tomamos decisiones. Que ropa usar, que desayunar o cuando entramos a una cafetería que pedimos, un café tamaño: ALTO, GRANDE o VENTI. 212 more words

El Interpretante

Art. It Cures Affliction.*

Overwhelm.  Buzz.  Crowds and stalls and contracts and….books.

The London Book Fair took over Olympia last week and some of us Pub-Inc-ers were fortunate enough to be there, getting lost in the vast array of stalls and rights deals and seminars.  189 more words

Project Updates

America's labour market: The economy doesn’t matter

AMERICA’S labour-force participation rate—the proportion of the population available to work—has been falling for years. The figure is now just 62.7%, the lowest level since 1977. The decline really sped up during the Great Recession, falling much faster than government wonks had predicted before the financial crisis hit (see first chart). 202 more words

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Cities Are Hurting Your Retirement

The Economist endorses the Walker Report!

Well not really, but they have joined my cause on the problems we face with regards to urbanism and increasing urban density. 735 more words