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Consumer Confidence was reported this morning to have risen sharply, to the highest since December 2000. Stocks rose and bonds fell, taking this news as a sign of economic strength, one presumes. 45 more words

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Modern Money Theory – Part 1 - It’s Not a Theory It’s a Description


We all know that the US collects taxes and then uses those tax dollars to pay for whatever expenditures the US has. We also know that for nearly every single year of this nation’s existence, the taxes, tariffs, fines and fees collected were not enough to pay for those expenses, so the US borrowed money by issuing Treasury notes, to cover the difference. 258 more words

The Economy

Heroic Deeds: A Cost Benefit Analysis

‘I’ve been thinking about the wedding,’ said the Handsome Prince. ‘What do you think about doves?’

For a moment the only sound was a distant bird and the gentle clopping of their horses’ hooves through the forest. 330 more words

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Propose Don't Oppose


Republicans, free of any serious opposition, have revealed their unverified template to reinvigorate the American economy, dissolve government’s role in any matter not connected to protecting the US from foreign entities real or imagined, and enhance government’s role in enforcing moral choices connected in any manner to sexual or other personal activities. 293 more words

The Economy

Meet the newest addition to SLC's Economic team, Ben Kolendar

For Ben Kolendar, joining the world of economic development started with goats.

And not just any goats, but the cashmere variety of Afghanistan. Their luxurious wool accounts for 7 percent of the world’s cashmere supply. 580 more words

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The Economy Stupid.

Since the 1970s, the fates of working Americans have become uncoupled.[1]  Those with a college education have prospered, while those without a college education have seen their incomes stagnate.  556 more words

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