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Fastest Fashion in the West

This morning I pulled out one of my favorite black and brown sweaters from my closet.  I needed a black undershirt, and a black mockneck with the tags still on called out to me.   914 more words

My Philosophy

Trump, Trade, Labor, and Banking

I have news for President-elect Donald Trump. It’s too late. It’s too late to stop globalization. The internet, global communications and transportation, and corporate and banking connections and interdependencies reached the White House before he did. 482 more words


Trump’s Embrace of Wall St. Elite

Why were people so willing to think a tiger would change its stripes?

Of course The Drumpf is serving his own needs first. Of course he lied to those who voted for him. 92 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Why are working women in America struggling financially?

Hint: They work in jobs that are growing fast, pay less than $15 an hour and are female-dominated.

A parallel heading/article could include…80% of women receive college degrees that are low paying! 601 more words

Its The Economy Dumbass

Automate This and Automate That

Post #363

Sorry for the delay in posting, but it seemed like a break was needed…  :)

It was at the 1963 New York Worlds Fair that I experienced my first introduction to the Radar Range.   430 more words

Hammond's Autumn Statement

They’re not the most interesting things but they do give us an insight into what our tax gets spent on.

After David Cameron’s 2010 pledge of the ‘greenest government ever’, the cuts in subsidies to renewable energies and the move towards fracking have since shown that perhaps the environment and climate change wasn’t of a significance importance to the Conservative government. 524 more words

The Economy