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Flippy's Takeover

Out in California there’s a “fast casual” restaurant called Caliburger.  As the name suggests, hamburgers are one of the staples on its menu.

Caliburger’s Pasadena location has a new worker called Flippy.   332 more words


Nothing Unusual Here

Zero hedge of course. Just for the record.


Universal Basic Income

The left continues to be fascinated with the idea of re-distribution. It believes that the whole notion of some people being paid more than others is fundamentally unfair, that they must have had some advantage – skin color, parents, brains, whatever – which was just a matter of luck. 280 more words


What to Do to Prevent the Next Crash

A look at what we could do to prevent the next crash as opposed to what we’ve done in the past.

The Fed missed the crisis in part because it has a dual mandate to keep unemployment and consumer price inflation low — and both were low before 2008.

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Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Amazon Primed

Amazon — that massive, gushing river of deliveries that has fundamentally and forever changed the modern retail business — has announced that it is looking to build a second corporate headquarters somewhere in North America.   448 more words


Taking the fight against Heathrow Expansion to the seaside

Today saw the TUC bring their conference to Brighton where senior Trade Union officials and their members meet to discuss policy matters and campaigns ahead. 1,270 more words

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