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The Fed On Facebook

Recently the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System — let’s call them the Fed — decided it would be a good idea to have a Facebook page.   388 more words


How Economic Growth can contribute to Peace in Uganda

Much remains to be done to invest in peace and prosperity in Uganda. Provided the will is there, plenty can be done to build stability and peace, as an integral part of building economic growth. 2,117 more words


A Different Way of Thinking

In politics these days there are three ways of thinking as I see it. There are the Democrats who see things as people being oppressed and somehow the government can help solve all of that. 808 more words


If Cameroon is talking about emergence in 2035, there is need to ensure that youths are highly involved in the various development and decision making processes. 282 more words


What is the right Minimum Wage?

On Saturday,  the first ever National “Fight for 15” Convention was held in Richmond, Virginia. The main topic of the convention was, of course, that of a federal minimum wage increase to 15 dollars an hour. 671 more words

The Economy

Why Trump is best option after Obama’s failed presidency

By Marcus N. Mims

Nolan, January 20, 2017 we will have a new president. How we ended up with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the two major political parties nominees baffles me. 2,843 more words

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