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Second half outlook getting shaky?

I wrote the following post on RetailWire in late July, as the NRF revised its sales forecast downward for the second half of 2015. This preceded the various market disruptions in August and early September that have probably put a dent into plenty of consumers’ 401k accounts (and their sense of well-being). 139 more words

Dick Seesel

Silicon Valley On The Scioto

I ran across this interesting article about a Silicon Valley venture capital stud who has relocated to Columbus, Ohio.  His company, Drive Capital, decided to move to our fair city, and he and his wife and kids came along from San Francisco to be part of the fun. 305 more words


Kapitalist Kansas

“Everybody says all sorts of things about the economy and they are all the same!” If that statement is what you are thinking then congratulations you are correct. 2,862 more words


The Fuck It Point

The Fuck It Point

Savage Revival (2012)

Film Review

The Fuck It Point occurs when you fear the evil of the current system more than you fear actively organizing to tear it down. 321 more words

The End Of Capitalism