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Signature Bank earnings down. That may not be so bad.

I wish we had not gotten everything so backwards.

It used to be that there were companies, who wanted to make money, and customers, who wanted to spend less (and get more). 481 more words

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April 21 Federal Job Guarantee & Modern Money Theory

 This is the handout notes for a presentation made  by the Modern Money Policy group in Salem, MA  April 21, 2018

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What Could a Guaranteed Basic Income do for Canada?

by John Brian Shannon

Canada’s Parliamentary budget watchdog says it would cost $76 billion per year to fund a nationwide Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) — which seems a wildly inflated price. 1,961 more words


A rising tide is great if you own a boat - » The Australian Independent Media Network

The Coalition works on the theory that “a rising tide lifts all boats”, which is all very well if you happen to own a boat. The majority of the population is either bailing hard to stay afloat, treading water or drowning.

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Stop road deaths with truck rules: .   Does anyone really think that the proposal by trucking giant Toll to have more rules, etc. will stop road deaths – perhaps a suggestion dictated by the bottom line, no doubt. 174 more words

What Does the Future Look Like?

Are you a pessimist, convinced we are heading on a one way trip to a world of serfs and princes? The place we read about in fantasy novels and fairy tales. 609 more words

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