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Government Stimulus

Nancy Pelosi’s demand for federal taxpayers to subsidize state and local governments is obviously political, as government employees form a hard core of Democratic support. Government employees understand that the Democratic party stands for more government. 68 more words


Trump’s Closing Argument to America For Re-election Is Personal Grievances and Attacking Dr. Fauci and Science

The closing argument for a bitter and angry maniac filled with grievances and self-pity is to go on a full fledged attack of everybody and anybody from Science and Dr. 1,152 more words


COVID Is Entering Third Wave in America, and Trump is More Angry and Dangerous Than Ever - with 14 Days Until Election Day

While COVID breaks out of control, with 31 states reporting increases in case count over last week,
Healthcare professionals are BEGGING Trump to STOP doing SUPERSPREADER rallies because people are DYING from COVID at alarming rates! 776 more words


Green-lipped mussels are becoming heavy lifters

Hatchery technologies and open-sea farms provide the platform for new endeavours with green-lipped mussels

A little over five years ago, I asked the question as to whether… 1,179 more words


Extreme money laundering.

Brazilian Senator caught holding over $2000 between his buttocks.

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What’s the Market Telling Us?

Isn’t the stock market supposed to be a barometer of the economy? Yet, while the market climbs, hasn’t news on jobs and the economy been mixed? 695 more words

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