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Obligatory Skyrim Thinkpiece (The Second)

After the extensive nerdiness that I realize emerged in my last entry on my Skyrim adventures, I figured that this time I should probably try to keep things more ruminative and less summative.  855 more words


The Obligatory Skyrim Thinkpiece

So, when I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was replaying Skyrim as a mental break from other, higher commitment games, I figured that this was just something I was doing with my free time to unwind and enjoy my summer break a little bit.  1,300 more words


New Skyrim Playthrough, "Let's Play Skyrim with Babe's Got Bow"

With Christian Eyes author does a Skyrim “let’s play” with a  cool-looking (magish) female Breton.  For any Christians or simply parents interested in getting a general impression of in-game dialogue and violence, the game introduction isn’t bad way to do it. 152 more words


Unexpected Genius in Skyrim (read: I'm really lazy)

I’ve come upon an interesting phenomenon in Skyrim that seems to be unintentional. While playing, instead of using Pickpocketing to vacuum all possible loot into my character (what seems like a clear win), I was actually making a decision! 242 more words

Game Design

What's Your Comfort Game?

So, following my playthrough of Breath of Fire III I took some time to work through my backlog of smaller games that I bought for super cheap during a sale a couple months ago.  1,045 more words


Hello, prospective reader people. For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m currently writing an image-based narrative-focused Let’s Play on Imgur called “The Rise of Rex”. The story follows a young Argonian in his misadventures across Skyrim.  321 more words

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

La historia de Skyrim se centra en los esfuerzos del personaje del jugador para derrotar a Alduin, un dragón que, según la profecía, destruirá el mundo. 363 more words