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X Minus One - "The Embassy"

What if there was a secret Martian embassy in downtown New York!

X Minus One – “The Embassy” July 28th, 1955



A Fruitful Friday

So…I hit a motorcycle. Calm down, everyone is fine. He didn’t even lose his balance. It was more like a grazing. I stopped to see if he was ok — not actually getting out of the car, because what could I possibly do to help with two kids in the back? 695 more words

Learning to say, "I'm sorry."

It’s amazing how much Greek I’m starting to pick up with minimal effort on my part. I have my Pilates instructor to thank. It turns out Greek Pilates is a perfect immersion learning class. 477 more words

Time to meet Obama

One of the many perks of working for a US Embassy is the opportunity to hobnob with the President when he (or she!) comes to your host country for a visit. 823 more words

Election Day in Greece

I cast my absentee ballot weeks ago. Before I went to bed on election night, I read news of long lines at polling stations, scuffles between Trump supporters and Hillary supports, a secret Facebook fan page called Pantsuit Nation which I instantly “liked.” Election results started pouring in as I slept. 640 more words

The Greek post office

All of our mail is handled through the US Embassy, so I didn’t think I’d have occasion to visit the Greek post office. But it appears now I’m going to be going there every month so our housekeeper can have health insurance. 777 more words