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My Top 5 Favorite Underrated Disney Movies

Disney movies are something that everyone is familiar with. Hell, we grew up watching some kind of Disney movie as a kid. And who isn’t partial to at least one film? 1,138 more words


Disney: My Top 12 Animated Movies

I have been meaning to complete this post practically since I first began this blog.

I mean, who doesn’t love Disney? I certainly do! So many wonderful childhood memories, the heroes, the villains, the music, the laughter, the tears, all of it, Disney has long since become a phenomenon in our society. 2,432 more words

Top Picks

An Ode to Kronk

If you’ve ever seen The Emperor’s New Groove, you probably couldn’t help but develop a soft spot for Kronk. Yzma’s henchman is so kind, sincere, and passionate about cooking…he’s just too lovable for his own good. 11 more words


Disney For Dads - Chris of Nerd Out Word Out

So imma have a go at putting some refined words together. If we’re all honest, there’s space in everyone’s heart for a Disney movie, we all either grew up subjected to them or we absorbed them via some osmosis via our siblings or friends. 1,167 more words


Finals week as told by "The Emperor's New Groove"

At colleges across the nation, once empty libraries are now full of students typing furiously on laptops or violently flipping the pages of textbooks, the on-campus coffee shops have run out of caramel macchiatos and the energy drink supply in the campus store is dangerously low. 286 more words


Y : Yzma "To the Secret Lab!"

Day 29


Let’s end this years challenge with some good ol’ Disney, shall we?
Plus, a little Girl Power is always welcomed!

Believe it or not, I recently just watched… 305 more words

K is for...

This guy comes with his own theme music… 

K R O N K 

And, lets not forget Yzma’s right-hand man. Every decade or so she gets a new one.

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