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Inktober 2016: Sketch No. 12

For the 20th anniversary of the comic Watchmen release – that I am reading at the moment -, I show you here one of my favourite characters of this story, … 46 more words


i used to

i used to watch those shows

survivalist documentaries

aging caucasian man

stocking his bunker

with canned meat

lining his helmet

in tin foil

the apocolyptic rambling’s… 105 more words

Why should I vote for Trump?

This post was prompted by a Facebook friends post yesterday. He wrote a long post titled “Why I am voting for Trump.” He then goes on to list several reasons on why he is not voting for Hilary Clinton. 532 more words



15 For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. 64 more words



I apologize.

I am no good at keeping promises and after this, you will never want to read a thing I write.

But this is my final promise for Sin — the end is nigh. 159 more words


Can we skip the speeches already?

Political speeches: the ability to use compelling and empty language to bullshit people sufficiently about the truth of the world to sell them on your platform and get yourself elected to powerful positions in government. 1,771 more words

News of the Disintegration of the Veil via American Kabuki/Terran [video] ~ July 25, 2016

I found this on Starship Earth, (well actually I had seen the America Kabuki piece of this on the America Kabuki website ealier today) and thought you might want to see this too as the drama between good and evil is about to conclude. 1,207 more words