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The Second Coming

Transient eyes focused with still minds.
The still moments strike juxtaposition against super-imposed collections of time flow. Onslaught when the seconds add up, quickly becoming a hurricane that is the cyclical reminiscence of a wind-up clock. 221 more words


Harbingers of Apocalypse?

The End Is Nigh? series (a thriller for superstitious readers). This blog is unpopular. Maybe the sound will reach to broader audience (readers’ scope)? ;) … 143 more words


What Does Atheism Have To Offer? (Part One)

Over the next few posts I’m going to do my best to answer the question, ‘what does atheism have to offer?’ that a commenter on Facebook has put to me – that’d be you, Dave – because, he says, I’m too sneery about Christianity. 625 more words


What’s Truly Wrong With These Mass Shootings

***Author’s Note: This is another of those posts that is very thin on comedy and very thick on honesty. This subject has been wearing on me since the shooting at Columbine High School occurred and the media went crazy on the matter some 16 years ago. 2,812 more words

Advent Sunday: Back to the Future

Something rather special happened on October 21 2015.

‘Generation X – ers’ like myself, found ourselves living in ‘the future’: a day that had been predicted back in the 80s when Michael J Fox was time travelling in stonewashed denim. 1,107 more words


Human Sacrifice

Mesoamerican cultures would ritually kill other human beings to appease their gods. Thousands were sacrificed either willingly or under compulsion.

Thank goodness we have progressed beyond this. 501 more words