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More Stress Writing...

I am heading to my parents place on Saturday. It looks like the end is near. I’m trying to be more forgiving of my siblings issues because it’s not worth being angry about. 228 more words


'Super Meat Boy' Teased For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners are about to experience the joy- and absolute pain- of platforming with a sentient cube of beef. 224 more words


Games of the Month - July 2017

July was a month games needed. It single-handedly was able to make up for a pretty lackluster couple of months before it, and delivered one of my new favorite games and a viable front-runner for my end of the year awards. 459 more words


The End is Nigh Review - Platforming Perfection

So… imagine if Super Meat Boy had a more ambitious spiritual successor while retaining everything that made it a genre triumph. Now stop imagining and go buy The End is Nigh. 728 more words


[Video] More Off-Screen Footage of The End is Nigh Running on Switch

What’s that I hear you cry? You wish to see more off-screen footage of The End is Nigh? Well lucky for you, Nicalis has shared some more, which you can see right here! Enjoy:

Source: Nicalis, Inc. (YouTube)

Nintendo Switch

[NA Nintendo Switch Box art] Blade Strangers and The End is Nigh

Later on this year, Nicalis will be brining both The End is Nigh and Blade Strangers to the Nintendo Switch and having shared images of the game’s box art on… 19 more words

Nintendo Switch