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completion molasses...es

Sometimes, despite having the imagination of a child, I think I have the memory of…something that doesn’t have much of a memory.

See, I’m coming to the end of my current work in progress. 492 more words


How liberals brought Donald Trump to center stage....and why what he represents is here to stay.

Author’s full disclosure: I’m not a huge fan of Trump, but then again, I’m not fond of any of the candidates for president. So while I’m not a fan of Trump, I… 3,545 more words

How this election will destroy America...regardless of who wins.

My country ‘tis of thee, is screwed most def-in-itely!

America is doomed, starting with this election cycle. I’ll go on the record right now and call it. 3,187 more words

Reading Update

Here’s just a little update about how I’m doing with reading.

I’ve finished Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens comic. This was actually a lot of fun I thought. 155 more words


The End Is Nigh

I’m about halfway the audiobook of The End Is Nigh. This is an anthology edited by John Josepth Adams and Hugh Howey about the events immediately before an apocalypse. 227 more words


The Second Coming

Transient eyes focused with still minds.
The still moments strike juxtaposition against super-imposed collections of time flow. Onslaught when the seconds add up, quickly becoming a hurricane that is the cyclical reminiscence of a wind-up clock. 221 more words


What Does Atheism Have To Offer? (Part One)

Over the next few posts I’m going to do my best to answer the question, ‘what does atheism have to offer?’ that a commenter on Facebook has put to me – that’d be you, Dave – because, he says, I’m too sneery about Christianity. 625 more words