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Advent Sunday: Back to the Future

Something rather special happened on October 21 2015.

‘Generation X – ers’ like myself, found ourselves living in ‘the future’: a day that had been predicted back in the 80s when Michael J Fox was time travelling in stonewashed denim. 1,107 more words


Human Sacrifice

Mesoamerican cultures would ritually kill other human beings to appease their gods. Thousands were sacrificed either willingly or under compulsion.

Thank goodness we have progressed beyond this. 501 more words


Microsoft Warns Computer Makers They Have A Year To Build New PCs With Windows 7 Professional

The clock is now ticking on computer makers planning on building new PCs that come with Windows 7 Professional: Microsoft has issued a deadline of Oct. 231 more words

The Late Great Planet Earth

The scene yesterday as the Earth finally came to an end.

Today is an illusion. You are not really here. Yesterday, the world ended, destroyed with the fire predicted in 2 Peter 3. 92 more words

The Impossibility Of Faith

Once in a Blood Moon

Something’s going to happen today. Or maybe tomorrow. Maybe something happens every day. But evangelical pastor John Hagee says that because of last night’s Blood Moon and lunar eclipse, something special’s going to happen real soon. 276 more words

Christianity's Failure To Deliver

'Black Lives Matter' versus 'Blue Lives Matter'

Much ado has been made in the past few months/years over the seemingly constant ‘war’ that goes on between law enforcement and the African-American community, and more specifically, the young, male, African-American community. 6,109 more words

The (Not so) Silent War on Strength

Author’s Note: Every species on Earth is in a Truly Perfect Struggle for Survival. Each species collectively prospers or fails based on the Strength of each Individual within that group. 8,528 more words