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The Problem of Cruise Ships, or Why Your Trip of a Lifetime May Leave Lasting Damage

When people tell me that they’ve gone to Alaska, I prick up my ears. When they tell me they traveled on a cruise ship, part of me stops listening. 953 more words


Let's talk about Louisiana.

Climate change is apparent, but is it the cause of the record breaking floods that have devastated the Louisiana area?

It seems as though the… 530 more words

The Environment

NYTimes: A Rare Agreement on Climate Rules

Sweet. Sometimes the system does work. Most likely it’s just one of those rare alignments of profit motive and doing the right thing. Either way there will be benefits to the environment. 10 more words

Getting It Right

Samurais, Fishing Poles, and The Loss of Tradition

Craftmanship online magazine recently published an article on a type of traditional Japanese fishing pole, known as Edo wazau, and its construction. Author Yukari Iwatani Kane takes the reader on a journey through their history. 138 more words

Fly Fishing

Seafood offers up a mouthful of man-made garbage

Public opinion is divided when it comes to the pleasure of eating oysters and other sea creatures that stare boldly back at you while you eat them. 524 more words