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1899 and the wars were over, and yet Savage Arms was still marketing rifles as a means to “make bad Indians good” even to the point of using Geronimo’s likeness, who they may have considered a “good Indian” by then as he was confined to a reservation. 69 more words

Life with no trees is no life at all

 The tree of life, a commonly used phrase or image that people around the world use to describe families, or what all living things come from…. 847 more words

The Environment


I am convinced that the tribalism and lack of unity in the past played a large role in the realities the nations have had to contend with. 239 more words

The UK is about to have the most vibrant autumn it has seen in eight years

Whether you think autumn officially starts at the beginning or end of September, you only have to look at the trees to see the season is changing. 778 more words

Progressing the welfare of Indigenous Australians.

It was the progressive expropriation of land by white settlers to the detriment of Australia’s Aboriginal people that resulted in their decimation.

Our handling of disputes, and the policies we have formulated, have often been harsh and unjust, condescending and paternalistic, not recognizing the harm we were doing to their health and welfare. 1,656 more words

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NYTimes: How to Raise Trillions for Green Investments

Environmental sustainability is possible, but we need political will to adjust the markets to favor it.

For this to happen, countries will need to adopt policies that reduce the price of low-carbon investments to make them more attractive for private investors.

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