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This poem by Theo Dorgan should be reproduced in large format and placed somewhere important.  Perhaps it should be projected onto the Houses of Parliament or, better yet, painted on the grass of Parliament Square where politicians can see it, or floated down the Thames on a billboard on a boat. 66 more words


Cameron: A Sociopath?


Graphic Flickr User Byzantine_K

Is Cameron a sociopath?

What kind of person deliberately makes life more difficult for people who already struggle with disability and chronic illnesses by forcing them to seek work they are too ill to do, work that does not in any case exist or sanction their meagre benefits. 1,948 more words

Human Rights

Recycling in Montgomery: Done for now . . .

The Montgomery Advertiser reported today that the city’s IREP recycling facility is closing up shop, at least for the time being. What Mayor Todd Strange calls a “temporary suspension” is due to a “massive change in the commodities market.” Apparently, the recycled materials can’t be sold for enough money to keep the facility going. 126 more words


A visit to R/V Aranda

The Finnish-Canadian Business Club gathered on the decks of the science research vessel Aranda in Helsinki on September 15. It was a fantastic chance to see the boat that is famed in science circles around the Baltic. 657 more words

The Environment

Climate Change: Taking up all the morphology of the lemming myth

I do not know who to credit for this.  I found it here:



Lemmings are small rodents who have been known to follow each other as they charge to their deaths into raging rivers or off of cliffs. 441 more words

Global Warming

Sorry Bill Nye, ‘You literally don’t know what you’re talking about’

In a video recently published by Bill Nye the Science Guy , he insults and disrespects the dignity of human life by attempting to claim that science is at odds with certain things pro-life supporters believe. 1,278 more words

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