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Owl Man

Owl Man lives at the end of the road

His name is Mr. Dark-in-the-Trees

His beak is smooth obsidian

A soft short curve

His claws of yellowed ivory… 84 more words



I’m going to begin this blog by answering a question I’ve been asked several times, and that is why do I blog about political issues? 1,171 more words

Helping the little critters that help us

I think that it is a fair assumption to say that we all like flowers, fruits and vegetables.  Sometimes in our enjoyment of these things, we overlook the little bees that work so hard to make our surroundings so nice and our food so plentiful.   727 more words

A poem called The River

Tired and brown the river winds down

Through mudflats and derelict houses.

Its steady stream gazed upon by lovers,

Thieves, and untainted children.

Its water courses through cities and towns… 91 more words

Creative Writing

Haiku: Recycling Energy

A little brown box
Arrived at my door smiling
Oh goodie! it’s here

Got scissors unwrapped
The new book that I ordered
I’ll have a good read… 19 more words



I have a friend who is a Christian given at times to quote a scripture or two when they feel it  is appropriate, or sometimes to instill a little humor in a situation. 441 more words

Are Your Sperm in Trouble?

Lobbyists are to blame.

The larger question is why we allow the chemical industry — by spending $100,000 on lobbying per member of Congress — to buy its way out of effective regulation of endocrine disruptors.

25 more words
Corporate Malfeasance