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Coffee anyone?

It has been said that an astonishing number of 400 million cups of coffee are consumed by people every day. In other words, Everyone around the world drinks coffee whether its on the way to work to wake yourself up or purely the reason that it tastes good everyone is familiar with the iconic paper cup and lid thats used for containing it. 155 more words


A call for a Greener Green Party

Over the years I have generally failed to vote, sometimes through apathy, sometimes organisational failure, but mainly through a strong and unshiftable feeling that no political party in any way represented a future that I supported. 614 more words

The Environment

Here's why gas really costs Americans $6.25 a gallon

It’s almost April 15, and you may be worrying about how much taxes will hurt this year. But a new study published today suggests there’s a whole world of economic losses in the air around us that few of us know anything about. 898 more words

My main final design idea (Environmental Spread)

Here is what i think is my final design for the environmental spread.

The reason i changed the design a bit from the previous idea is because i believe that the previous design didn’t suit that great as well as it didn’t look clean enough so i re-designed the magazine completely to this layout. 161 more words

Environment Spread

Looking at other double page spreads for research (Environmental Spread)

I was looking at all 3 of these double page spread designs and i happened to notice that they all have a great use of white space and colour co-ordination as well as they all have good and different professional designs and they all have this in order to create a effective piece of work. 365 more words