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I never understood history until I saw the bones,

slender and pale, close to the concrete bunkers—graceful

tibias and femurs and the delicate arch of rib cages—scattered… 95 more words



Place of all

That is common

And rare


And strange

Small plants

Clinging to steep mountains

Luminescent fish

Moving in dark trenches

My cat… 34 more words


A Haiku for Earth

Happy Earth Day!  Do something good for our mother. – M.B.

By Carol Starr

Suspended in space

this beautiful blue marble

is our only toy. 19 more words

The Environment

Here's How To Honestly Start Taking Better Care Of The Earth For Our Future Generations

I grew up in a home where we cherished wildlife.

We celebrated our planet. We took in ailing animals.

In fact, on two separate occasions I nursed baby squirrels back to health to be let out into their natural habitat. 1,005 more words

Banana Peel Shoe Polish

You heard that right! I used a banana peel to shine my shoes.

My boots were looking pretty bad, having made a few trips to the hen house surrounded by mud. 257 more words

What About Just Eating Less Meat?

Eating meat and other animal products doesn’t have to be a binary choice such as veganism to do good.

We can improve health and environmental outcomes by eating less. 39 more words

Improving Things