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The Garden of Wonder

You can’t lead the world to water

You can’t even make it think

While deep is this chalice of wonder

Yet shallow is the cup that we drink… 27 more words



“What I would like to see is people with knowledge to teach the small, little people how to grow up with pride. This generation is lost. 437 more words


Climate Action Now, Please

So, did anyone see the Four Corners program on the 15th of June? It was titled “The End of Coal” and was quite interesting. Upshot of the program was that coal is on the way out. 377 more words

My Key Real-World Issues

NYTimes: Behind Toledo’s Water Crisis, a Long-Troubled Lake Erie

Another example of the ways Big Ag is screwing up our lives. Our industrial food system is simply not sustainable. Fertilizer runoff is killing Lake Erie and ruining thw drinking water of millions. 79 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Dear Supreme Court

Dear Supreme Court,

Okay, I know I’ve defended you from people who are upset that, in doing your job, you’ve made rulings that certain people disagree with and even want to punish you for. 247 more words

Common Sense

A Classic Case of Greenwashing

Silence of the Pandas

Wilfred Huisman (2011)

Film Review

Greenwashing (def) – a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly. 442 more words

Hidden History

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For those who jump on board with every animal, climate and environment saving scenario, here is an article you should check out and consider, especially before you write another check!

What's wrong with this picture?

I realised that I jumped straight into this blog without explaining the motivation behind it. To do this I’m going to try to lay out some of the real problems with our culture as I see it, and then turn that negativity around by briefly describing the shift in values that could see us heading into a more harmonious and intelligent future. 667 more words