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Turns out LA’s shade balls actually worked | Business Insider

Shade balls in LA to prevent evaporation of water from reservoirs?



  • Why is it necessary to conserve water?
  • What are other ideas to conserve water?
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In Praise of Dried Grass

Sometimes a thing you need is hiding right there in plain sight. For 8 years we’ve had chickens, 14 girls a-layin’ in a coop my resourceful husband, Pete, made of salvaged materials. 486 more words

Zero Waste

No Green, No Blue, No Us

Why should I care? If you payed me a dollar every time someone asked me this question in my major I could probably pay for my tuition. 287 more words


The Origin of the Habitable Zone

The Origin of the Habitable Zone


Behold and look attentively upon…

Ten years. That is what it takes. It takes ten years to travel to Alpha Centauri’s Proxima b at 45% light speed in a Bema Nano StarCraft. 4,030 more words

Short Story

Mother - a poem #amwriting


The buzzards are circling your heart

Diggers rip your stomach

Turn your soil

They cut your trees because they could

Ancient oak and ash hacked away… 62 more words


The Looming Demographic Crisis

When it comes to the environment, population growth, and many of our social problems, the quotes below apply more aptly to our entire planet, not just Israel. 191 more words

The Rest Of The World




Maybe it’s only the Westerlies,

but I just can’t answer the phone today.

It’s shrill, shattering tocsin of sound sends shudders of anxiety cascading through my entire neural network. 985 more words