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The UAE wants to prove that money can literally make it rain

Eglwyswrw is a real place. This village in Wales is as long on rain as it is short on vowels. Last winter, it rained for  674 more words

Spring fashions

Last weekend the trees around us suddenly dressed themselves in their new finery. Our exposed situation means that it’s mainly hardy natives that grow well. And while some cheeky chaps from other parts of the world survive, and bloom and come into leaf earlier, the natives know best and hold their finery until fairly certain that harsh frosts won’t blast their tender shoots. 685 more words

Scottish Borders

NYTimes: Our Crime Against the Planet, and Ourselves

For meaningful climate change reduction we need to rethink our capitalist philosophy of continual growthand.population expansion.

For instance, the idea that we can “green” a capitalist economy without radically rethinking the basic premises at the heart of neoliberal economic theory is truly an example of misplaced politics.

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Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Green, Sh-boogie bop

I am sure my quality of life would be greatly improved with a little adherence to Reinhold Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 1,078 more words

Let The Green Man Inspire You!

For our activist project, we decided to focus on a topic that we felt was highly important for the future of our environment. We felt that inspiring and motivating people to be aware of the environment was key to ensuring the future health of the ecosystem. 597 more words


Octavio Paz, the Break, and Nature


Octavio Paz (1914-1998), the 1990 Nobel Prize for Literature winner, was a Mexican poet and intellectual. He served in the Mexican diplomatic service, lectured at Cambridge and Harvard, and was awarded many prizes for his writings. 143 more words

Fly Fishing

The Passive Activist #8

We Americans are living with an unprecedented absence of leadership. In the Deep South, we have lived with this void for most of our history, so we’re a little more used to it than the rest of the nation— but that doesn’t make it OK. 276 more words

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