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The following poem is by John Stoddart, published by his daughter Anna. She included it in he 1899 collection, Angling Songs, with a Memoir… 85 more words

Fly Fishing Literature

The Ignored Causes of Europe Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis, which began last summer, has led to the waning popularity of German chancellor Angela Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union party, Turkey getting a foot in the door of the EU following a deal for detaining refugees and the almost dissolution of the Schengen agreement before our very eyes. 558 more words



I tend to notice shapes and forms in things I see, kind of like a child will when looking at clouds.

I attribute that in part to the kind of work I do where it’s important to be able to visual what a job will look like when finished. 219 more words

How to Fix a Cracked Wheelbarrow

I bought a plastic wheelbarrow and regretted it 4 years later. So much for the “plastic lasts forever” theory. Yes, it lasts forever, but it cracks in the interim, into smaller and smaller pieces. 219 more words

Zero Waste

Foraging, Photography and Trash

Earlier today my Mother and I went out for an early morning mushroom forage and photography session at one of my favourite places in Harrietville, Tronoh Dredge. 109 more words

The Environment

Go Big or Go Home: Why one more big year isn’t the answer

You hear it from your buddy who just bought another parcel, it’s whispered in the grow shop, in the convoy of soil and water trucks humming on the back roads, “we have got to go big this year.” It seems someone is saying this every year in recent memory. 702 more words

The Industry


Seems to me it’s kinda like the kiss of death for either Koch to speak positively of any non Republican candidate.

But then when you view the field of conservative candidates maybe it’s a natural progression, something of an inevitability. 487 more words