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Is Hannibal Buress the Architect of Eric Andre's Pain? The Fan Theory No One Asked For

If you aren’t familiar with it, The Eric Andre Show is a post-modern talk show starring Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress, two comedians who are either parodying a late night show or trying to escape one. 690 more words


Ariel Pink Becomes 'Ariel Stinks' Among Other Gross Things On 'The Eric Andre Show'

In the indie music world, Ariel Pink is an oddity: cranking out warped, catchy tunes and borderline-unlistenable noise in equal measure. But even he can’t stand up to the level of weird that… 176 more words


Flying Lotus Checks His Emails In The Most Fire Way Possible On 'The Eric Andre Show'

The Eric Andre Show is a forum for sheer madness. Anything can happen in the brief 15-minute show, and usually “anything” means “the worst thing.” For example: Andre put a… 201 more words


Hijinks Ensue When Eric André And Hannibal Buress Take Over Each Other's Tinder Accounts

If you’re going to sabotage your pal’s Tinder account in merciless fashion, the polite thing to do is to place that prankery online for the world (including the non-swiping parts) to bask in. 178 more words


RobBarracuda's Top 5 Favorite Adult Swim Shows

1 year. It’s been precisely 1 year since the Adult Swim Squad first got off the ground. I remember it like it was yesterday: receiving the invite, writing up the 2015 Singles program, posting dank memes for the fellow Squad members to enjoy, and then moving on to other reviews, articles, and weekly recaps to satisfy whoever could be reading. 1,540 more words

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Eric Andre's NSFW Jokes Were Way, Way Too Much For T.I. To Take

Like Lauren Conrad before him, T.I. also found himself walking off the season four premiere episode of The Eric Andre Show recently. While Lauren was grossed out by the wild and wacky comedian eating his own vomit, which… 233 more words


What to Watch: 08/05/2016

Ok, yes, we’re mainly suggesting the grand spectacle of the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony in Rio, even if Rio has as many issues as there were models with odd haircuts in the Duran Duran video of the same name. 184 more words

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