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The Escapist, Vox Day, & Some Other Things

Damn big shakeup at Escapist over the last few weeks, culminating in Liz F becoming a contributor and Oliver Campbell being invited to submit a pitch. 418 more words


The Escapist hiring 'non-leftist voices' causes 'quite the butt hurt'

Escapistmagazine.com is a site for video game reviews and all sorts of other nerdy coolness. A lot of left wing social justice warriors are outraged that the site recently hired @TheBrandonMorse and @lizzyf620 as contributors. 484 more words


What's Happening at The Escapist

I woke up today (Tuesday, February 17) and did the same thing I always did. I had a cup of coffee and checked my email, the I headed strait to The Escapist to watch the new episode of MoiveBob’s show “The Big Picture”. 497 more words

Video Games

Escape to the Movies and The Big Picture have been cancelled

Bob Chipman, also known as Moviebob and the Game Overthinker, has been let go from the Escapist. His last video for the site appeared this week. 519 more words

Video Games

Eschewing the "curmudgeon" mentality

Hello World!

As a long time “fan” of video games, I have developed a “Slightly above average” interest in the “world” surrounding my dear hobby. Being involved in the community, I have noticed an increase in vitriol toward the medium which is supposed to bring us so much joy. 420 more words


Theo Green - Film Composer

House at the End of the Street Soundtrack by Theo Green on YouTube

Ryan Descends- 



Psychotic Rampage- 

Moving In-  496 more words