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New Walking Dead game coming up, in 8-bit pixels!

The Walking Dead has done it again, a new game is coming up soon ( I hope very soon) but this time they have shifted into a different kind of graphics, this time they decided for a pixel kind of game, yup kind of like old school games. 373 more words

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Magic Duels: Origins takes a new direction

Okay, first: that name is awkward. If I never see another game with title: subtitle as its name I will be a happier gamer. Now on to the substance. 183 more words

Magic The Gathering

Latest review - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

My son read this book by Michael Chabon and passed it on to me as a must read. I hesitated. It is not my usual read but I have to say I enjoyed it. 115 more words

The Man Who Just Stepped Off the Surface of the Sun

Fahrenheit 451

I wrote yesterday about how hot it’s becoming in Bangkok; apparently today is even worse than yesterday- while the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius, the heat index is higher than yesterday at 43…wow. 377 more words


The Escapist, Vox Day, & Some Other Things

Damn big shakeup at Escapist over the last few weeks, culminating in Liz F becoming a contributor and Oliver Campbell being invited to submit a pitch. 418 more words


The Escapist hiring 'non-leftist voices' causes 'quite the butt hurt'

Escapistmagazine.com is a site for video game reviews and all sorts of other nerdy coolness. A lot of left wing social justice warriors are outraged that the site recently hired @TheBrandonMorse and @lizzyf620 as contributors. 484 more words


What's Happening at The Escapist

I woke up today (Tuesday, February 17) and did the same thing I always did. I had a cup of coffee and checked my email, the I headed strait to The Escapist to watch the new episode of MoiveBob’s show “The Big Picture”. 497 more words

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