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Travel Cards

International Youth Travel Card will save you loads of money if you are under 30. I used it on this trip to Europe and since I’m an avid museum go-er, lots of times I saved half on the ticket price. 123 more words


Skin Essentials ❤️

I don’t know about you, but cold weather takes a HUGE toll on my skin. I don’t do many posts on skincare, but it is something I’m really passionate about, so I thought I’d share some of the products I use daily and love! 175 more words

Budget Airports

We all know Ryanair and other budget airlines go to smaller airports, but not always. This is sometimes better to get to your destination. In Brussels, it cost me just as much to get to the airport than the flight itself which was a bummer. 85 more words


Budget Accommodation

I choose couchsurfing over hostels over hotels. I used to do all my traveling with couchsurfing in America, Europe, and Australia, but this time around I didn’t have any luck couchsurfing in Europe. 157 more words


Budget Travel

How do I get anywhere? Aside from hitchhiking through Europe which I highly recommend for funsies in good weather, I pretty much stick to airplanes and buses. 768 more words

The Essentials

The Minimalist Packing Guide

My packing guide is just the essentials, nothing fancy, but you will always want to buy something where you are at, or maybe more than one thing, its more fun to get things abroad for cheaper and for a keepsake then bring or buy everything from home. 516 more words


The Essentials: Olivia Newton-John - Totally Hot

(As noted in my first Essentials entry, this is an occasional series in which I spotlight albums that, in my estimation, everyone should experience at least once.) 1,005 more words