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It caught my eyes recently and I was having a crush on it. Like a stalking 15-year old , I googled what it’s called. It’s that thing that looks like a button-down but ends halfway through the shirt. 71 more words


The Essentials // Back in Black

 This week has been more difficult than most.

While I believe anything black is truly an essential {and not just because it’s my last name… 211 more words


Filling The Pantry: The Essential Spices

Being young, poor and single, stocking your pantry with the essentials can be a daunting and seemingly expensive exercise.

From paprika to brown rice, my next few posts will be your guide to getting started as a functioning adult who can create magnificent, intuitive dishes that are just so much more fulfilling than a bowl of Mi Goreng and a few slices of toast. 424 more words

Filling The Pantry

PlayStation Essentials: Final Fantasy IX Review

Taking a trip back to Gaia and Terra

By Corey Dirrig
Twitter: @RogueSpartan4@DPadGamescast

Final Fantasy is a franchise that has recently hit a low point, most recently releasing a mediocre trilogy in Final Fantasy XIII.  1,099 more words


The Essentials 6

The Essentials 6


Balance Your Delts

Prone Incline Rear Delt Raise

Why You Need To Do This: Building strong rear delts helps keep your shoulders in balance, preventing a rounded shoulder posture and structural imbalances that can lead to rotator cuff issues. 156 more words

The Essentials

The Essentials 5

The Essentials 5


Kick Your Butt

One Legged Hip Thrust

Why You Need To Do This: Though it might look girlie, this move is tough and pinpoints the glutes/hams tie-in area that many guys struggle with. 121 more words

The Essentials

The Essentials 4

The Essentials 4


Train Your Core


Why You Need To Do This: This exercise mimics a more-realistic use of your core, strengthening multiple muscle groups at once to improve your sports performance, as well as offering general conditioning benefits. 152 more words

The Essentials