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Steve Spurrier and "Mills"

Chris Brown doesn’t post as often at Smart Football as he used to, so when he does put something up about college football, it’s a cause for celebration (for me, at least).  432 more words

Strategery And Mechanics

Et tu, Spurdog?

There’s not a lot of new insight in this story about McElwain’s final days in Gainesville, but there is one minor gem unearthed:

With the Gators trailing 21-0 at the half in their eventual loss to Georgia, Spurrier walked through the press box and asked a handful of reporters, “What happened to the forward pass?”

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Gators, Gators...

Never retreat.

Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

Georgia Football

Bummed out Steve Spurrier is the best Steve Spurrier.

If it weren’t for the Davin Bellamy quote currently occupying the slot, you’d better believe I’d have this remark from the Evil Genius up as the blog’s Quote of the Day. 18 more words

Georgia Football

Quitters never quit.

They just look for easier gigs.

While talking to reporters at Duke, Spurrier shared some insight into what could draw him back to the sidelines.

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The Evil Genius

So Spurrier's sayin' Georgia's got a chance?


“Georgia has a very strong team, it appears right now, because their defense is so good,” Spurrier said.

Spurrier, who, against Georgia went 2-2 as a player, 0-2 as an assistant coach, 11-1 as the head coach at Florida, and 5-6 as South Carolina’s head coach, was then asked to compare Georgia’s defense to that of Alabama.

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Georgia Football

Now, wait a minute.

Steve Spurrier: "You can have great players and still not win. You LSU fans know about that."

— Jimmy Watson (@JimmyWatson6) August 9, 2017

I thought he only talked like that about Georgia.

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