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"That dang Gurley guy..."

I gotta admit this is pretty funny.  (h/t)

I wonder how long Dabo plans on saving that voice mail.

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Serves you right to suffer.

At least it sucked for Spurdog in the end…

Throughout a coaching career that included the United States Football League, two moribund programs and two national championship games, you said the most stressful point in your career was last season.

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Quotes that should make you wince

From Spurrier’s forthcoming book, Head Ball Coach, comes this little reminder of how cozy things once were between him and Georgia’s AD:

Over the years I’ve saved certain special comments for Clemson, Georgia, Tennessee, and FSU.

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Georgia Football

"I will now pull for South Carolina to win every game but one..."

Thanks for everything, Columbia.

Although, it seems like Spurrier kinda quit pulling for South Carolina last season, now that I think about it.

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Nothing like making a good impression

You wanna know why South Carolina under Spurrier went in the toilet?

Raekwon McMillan said Spurrier and staff didn't know who he was or that he was visiting on an official visit to SCAR…

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