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Thanks, but I think I'll wait for movie to show up on cable.

Meet Ran Henry, self-described “foremost authority on Coach Spurrier’s life”, and the author of… well…

the “first authorized biography to cover the iconic career of the modern era’s defining college football coach.” Except it’s not an authorized biography.

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Playing through on the back nine of a coaching career

This may be the quintessential Steve Spurrier troll of the universe:  giving an interview about this year’s edition of South Carolina football while playing a round of golf. 31 more words

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Age ain't nothin' but a number.

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier is 70 years old today.

— Brent Beaird (@brentbeaird) April 20, 2015

Still, don’t you think Steve Spurrier would rather not have a public celebration today?

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See you in 2020.

Honest, non-snarky question for you:  does this fourteen-year old kid really believe he’d play for Steve Spurrier?


Wednesday morning buffet

Dig in, peeps.

  • Jay Rome wants to have fun this season, instead of “It’s always been about going out and trying not to hurt myself anymore.”
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Georgia Football

Fanning the flames with a visor

Okay, I admit the first thing I do when I see a Spurrier story is check for Georgia snark.  This interview with Paul Myerberg doesn’t contain any (although he extends his “doing cartwheels” remark over going 7-6 to Arkansas), but there is this gem: 191 more words

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Death, taxes and Spurrier

Spurrier’s contempt for Tennessee, on display:

HBC called 7-6 in 2014 "a decent year." Then: "In Knoxville, they’re still doing cartwheels because they went 7-6 and won a bowl game."

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