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TV Show Review: Brooklyn Nine Nine

Workplace sitcoms have been the staple of Western television comedy since decades. Throw a bunch of people working at the same place together and watch hilarity ensue. 699 more words


TV Show Review: Playing House

Female friendships in Western television are having a bit of a moment. Unlike Pakistani television, where the last well-done depiction of friendship between two women was decades ago in the form of the inarguably wonderful friendship of Zoya and Angie in the 1980s classic… 619 more words


TV Show Review: Poldark

BBC undoubtedly has the market cornered when it comes to lush, sweeping historical dramas. From its adaptations of the works of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, to the mega hit aristocratic soap… 603 more words


Who should be held responsible?

Since Pakistan and India have emerged as separate states on the world map, both have had a horrendous relationship full of bloodshed and destruction. In 69 years, they have battled four times with each other and the chronicles reveal extremely painful experiences for both nations with a gigantic number of injuries and deaths on both sides. 193 more words

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TV Show Review: Jane the Virgin

We root for anti-heroes these days; the ones who sink to moral depravity to survive, such as the Cersei Lannisters and Walter Whites of the world. 574 more words


Book Review: I Am Pilgrim

Author Terry Hayes must have had a film adaptation in mind when he wrote I am Pilgrim. Despite this being his first novel — he has previously written screenplays of several action films which comes through in the way I am Pilgrim is constructed — it’s outlandish, has a conspiracy theory-fused plot, spans over a great deal of geographic locations and has a great American hero who saves the day. 432 more words


The Evolution of Children's Literature

Last month it was announced that the beloved children’s author Enid Blyton’s series The Faraway Tree was getting its own film adaptation. The news came after a Famous Five film adaptation was announced in the summer, perhaps signally a revitalisation of Blyton’s vast and much-loved canon of children’s fiction. 403 more words