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Sometime in the mid eighties my Dad acquired a Commodore 64 and a bag of tapes with games on them. He set it up in the sleep out and connected it up to an enormous CRT television. 541 more words

Work Life Balance

we don't need no stinking badges

International education is big business, no, more than that it is an enormous business. For providers of higher education the international student market is a Golden Hind full of doubloons slowly making its way across the oceans to the (Vice) Chancellery. 801 more words

The F-Bunker

fortune teller

I’ve been reading with interest the accounts of life with HECS debts on Music for Deckchairs post Own Goal, and I thought I’d add my thoughts to the mix. 539 more words

Things Belonging To The Emperor

a hole in the bucket

I’ve been striving for something, a means to make my resources go a bit further without needlessly placing myself at breaking point over and over again. 364 more words

Things Belonging To The Emperor


I’ve been dreaming of David Gower. David Gower on the 1986 tour of the West Indies: being beaten, being outplayed, being intimidated, being hurt, being overwhelmed by the fact that no matter what he does or how hard he tries he’s going down and the team is going down hard with him. 595 more words


making like a hole in the water

Over the past decade or so accountability has become a bit of a fetish in public and corporate administration. Sometimes it seems like every parrot in the pet store is talking responsibility and accountability. 514 more words

The F-Bunker

empire building

Deep in the dark recesses of the early seventies a man named Michael Oliver, a real estate entrepreneur from Nevada, formed a libertarian organization called the Phoenix Foundation. 616 more words

Things Belonging To The Emperor