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I talked about abuse and made you uncomfortable? Good.

“People mistake vulnerability for intimacy. It’s not just annoying, it’s damaging.” — these words from my friend and Anti-Nihilist Institute co-founder Anna Lind-Guzik have been knocking around in my head lately for a reason. 794 more words

The F-Word

Valentine's Marathon: What If (original title: The F Word, 2013)

And we are finally here! The first random movie to kick off the Valentine’s Marathon is a romantic comedy. I have honestly taken a huge break from these the last few years mostly because a lot of them didn’t seem that appealing. 808 more words


Women like us

Questa settimana ho partecipato a due eventi diametralmente opposti che mi hanno portato a riflettere ancora di più sulla ricerca e sul progetto che sto portando avanti. 1,430 more words


The light that won't die

I’ll be working late tonight, so I took a slow morning to eat some breakfast, listen to my favorite podcast, collect the garbage, and head up to our daughter’s grave before heading in to work. 366 more words

My inner critic is a prick!

“Give up now. You can’t do this.”
“What’s the point? Everything you try is a failure.”
“Your business will never work” ”

I used to endure these kinds of comments on a daily basis. 754 more words


On feminism, trust it, use it, groove it!

Negli ultimi mesi la parola femminismo, sembra essere una delle piu’ usate dal genere umano sui social, dalla marcia delle donne negli USA contro Trump, all’esplosione dell’ hashtag #metoo, passando per la campagna di comunicazione pubblicitaria di Pandora in Italia a Natale. 1,920 more words


F-Bomb Explosion

Does anyone ever wonder how people came up with cuss words? I don’t happen to use profanity, but it seems I am surrounded by those who do. 371 more words