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Young pastor reading
Poems from a book with trees
He says the F word

Get Real

A “conventionally attractive” woman generally speaking, currently appears to refer to a woman whose body is toned, tanned and skinny. A woman who has long legs and big breasts; a woman with long, flowing hair; a woman whose appearance is usually enhanced by cosmetics of some kind. 412 more words

Giving F**ks and Other Stories

The other day I read a refreshing article about giving a fuck about things. I can’t find it now to reference but the gist of it was, in a world full of people giving zero fucks, wouldn’t it be a good thing if we, the people, gave a bit of a fuck? 302 more words

A Voluptuous Mind

Swear word in art ‘breaking the law’ at Brentwood gallery

Swear word in art ‘breaking the law’ at Brentwood gallery

12:06 01 May 2015

Ajay Nair

Gallery owner John Brandler, 60, now has to cover a swear word in a work of art. 306 more words


The "F" word

(No. Not the dirty one.)

What I’m thinking of ladies and gentlemen is Feminism which may or may not illicit the same response anyway.

But moving along. 581 more words

Standing On A Soapbox

The F Word!

I’ve dealt with a lot of shit at my job. As you, all might have had at your own jobs. I mean who hasn’t been yelled at by a customer. 356 more words

Fonzie Did It

Frightwig, Alice Bag, and Me!

I am beyond honored to announce the first-ever show of two legendary California punk bands: Alice Bag and Frightwig. What’s more, I’m on the bill too! 597 more words

Queens Of Noise