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Inappropriate Language

I did not make it to the end of the Tony awards this year so I did not hear Robert De Niro’s dirty-mouthing Donald Trump, the President of the United States. 197 more words

I get pissed off! (About rape culture)

George Carlin is a heavy influence in my understanding of humanity and our workings within the universe. Man was brilliantly on top of our interconnections with each other, our own behavior, and our environment. 1,388 more words


A Bloody Mess

I bleed out of my vagina monthly, much like most of the women in my life. Of course this shouldn’t be news to any of you as it’s hardly a rare phenomenon. 409 more words


Today I was Verbally Abused by a Student

Today I was verbally abused by one of my favourite students that I have known since he was just a little guy. He was having a great morning during math for his 35 minute set work time, and I then set the timer for his 10 minute free computer time. 1,192 more words


A Fashionable Revolution

I spent the day of my 21st birthday party making my outfit out of a dress my Mum found at the op shop the day before. 353 more words


Is Gordon Ramsay Now Vegan?

Is Gordon Ramsay now vegan? In a word, no.

I’m not going to unravel a load of information slowly in the form of click-bait, because I think it’s harmful to the movement (i.e. 1,014 more words


The F word: can feminism and chivalry coexist?

In a time where feminism is at the forefront of countless movements, events and minds, the question of whether feminism is able to coexist with chivalry has been debated many times. 143 more words