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The 'F' Word

Whatever you do don’t ever use the ‘F’ word in front of me.

The word I mean is FAT. Urgh. Even writing it makes me feel gross. 373 more words

Body Image

The F Word

Lilly ,talk to me about the F word . How do I let go of the f word?

Denise, I understand that feeling of fear that can stalk us at work, at play, in families, in communities in the collective. 181 more words

Ask Lilly

The "F" Word

I am “Spilling It Girl”!

Sunday was our family fun day until the “F” word was said. I was hanging with the babe and The Bass Wrangler (hubby who fishes). 241 more words


Somewhere over the Rainbow!

VFTT 207 Somewhere over the rainbow 2/3

VFTT 208 Somewhere over the rainbow 3/3

VFTT 206 Somewhere over the rainbow 1/3

Adding to the collection… 10 more words

The F Word


This would be ideal right about now…Just saying!

Onesie. Chill. Cocktails. And lets not foget the long straw!

The F Word

Keep the "F" word away

I meant the Flu. To be clear.

I know we’re only half way through the season of this winter, but are you sick of getting sick yet? 475 more words


Not a phantasm thank you

The F Word, Dear Germaine Greer:

The Second Sex:

there have always been women. They are women in virtue of their anatomy and physiology. Throughout history they have always been subordinated to men…

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De Beauvoir