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The 5 Stages of Becoming a Feminist

I haven’t always identified with feminism. Although, I’ve never denied it either. I merely didn’t know enough about the term – the movement – to truly grasp what it meant and jump on board. 2,197 more words


Hot Button Topic: The F Word

The F word. Feminism! It’s been a hot button topic for a while now, with Ariana Grande being the most recent starlet in the spotlight for her views on wanting to be asked more questions related to her career as opposed to her relationship status. 522 more words


Why I use the "F-Word" so much

At the end of the day, do I really care if people identify with the term “Feminism” (granted they appreciate its fundamental principles in a way that works for them and aren’t misogynist, racist, or any other form of “ist” making them ugly-spirited)? 1,043 more words


On Rita Ora

I don’t know much about Rita Ora or her music but I recently read an article about her in the Metro (May 19, 2015) that upset me.The article was featured in Guilty Pleasures, the celebrity news and gossip section. 486 more words

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Armpit Acceptance

I took the train from my home town to university, which overall is about a two hour job. I have an interview for some bar work later today, so naturally I did some extra preening in order to look professional. 559 more words


The F Word: Top 5 Quotes from Alveda King's 5/21/15 Anti-Choice Talk on WWU Campus

Let me start by highlighting the fact that I do not like using the term “pro-life”. Here’s why: The term “pro-life” suggests that the opposition (“pro-choice”) is “anti-life”, which is completely incorrect. 1,187 more words


Feminism and A Healthy Body (Image)

For years, I wrote about my longing to find and secure blissful, uninhibited happiness. Yet, looking back, I recognize one pattern: happiness, to me, was frequently channeled through my obsessive exercise and healthy eating trends. 1,148 more words