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The humiliation of "real Russian women" - and why conservatives get off on it

“A woman owes it to everyone to be beautiful!” “You’re not a real woman if you don’t look feminine enough!” “Some guy’s dick didn’t get hard when you walked by? 1,436 more words

The F-Word


My seven-year-old son and I are sitting side by side on the sectional sofa, alternately watching Fixer Upper and playing some Pixel-like game on his tablet. 152 more words

S1:Ep.5 - Things We Love

In today’s lighthearted episode, Michelle and Nicole talk about some of the things they love in life. The girls chat happy-hour style about some of their favorite current books and authors, TV shows, and guilty pleasures to their favorite go-to self-care methods, mantras/life quotes, the power of a good swear word and more.  487 more words


flashbacks and non-forgiveness

TW: discussion of NM and rape.

I go through these times in my world, usually after particular triggers, where I find myself needing to tell my story. 770 more words

Venting / Expressing


I’m pleased to say that in our household, the “C-word” is chocolate. Unfortunately the “F-word” is the rudey swear that you think it is. Yes, Audrey has picked up some naughty words. 272 more words

Down's Syndrome


Another ‘using it up’ project, this was a fun way to make use of leather scraps.  Embossed and then saddle stitched by hand, these can be used as keyrings or as large clip on tags/charms (depending on which way you attach the key chain part).  9 more words

General Craftiness

The F word by Sandra Marton

“So let’s get this straight. This is a story about romance. 

Well, it’s not a story. I mean, it’s not something somebody made up. It’s about me.

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