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…When the simple things in life make you smile the most.

I’ve always been a believer in “the little things, matter the most”, but this photo of a young boy from a floating village in Siem Reap; who has a lot less than most children his age (in the Western World, that is); really reprsents such. 161 more words

The F Word

My New Favorite Movie

I don’t often talk about movies on this blog, when I’ve happened to watch the same movie about 10-15 times in about a month then I think it’s worth being mentioned. 264 more words

The F@Word: Fat Travels

Written by The Feisty Fox, a Fattitude Intern

On the way to the airport today my friend and I were discussing thin privilege and, as an example, I used the idea of flying and the fact that thin people could never imagine the… 1,046 more words



If you’re in Durban next weekend, get yourself down to Happy Hippo International Backpacker’s Lodge on Mahatma Gandhi Rd. for what I have a sense will be worthwhile moments with some of the most overarchingly stylish, forward-thinking and proactive millenialls our country has the privilege of calling its own. 24 more words


Times when the 4 letter "F" word is frankly the ONLY word - see photos below

The “F” word

There are times when the   4 letter   “F” word is not only desirable, but quite  frankly it can be the  ONLY word… 28 more words


Get Your Elbow Off My Spleen: A(nother) Feminist Rant

Turns out there’s a perception that feminism is more a cop-out strategy than anything else. By this, I refer to the idea that feminists are apparently sad and angry at the world for their own shortcomings, which I’ve discovered through various social media posts.  1,541 more words


Interview | More than “just” a singer

The human voice has always been an enthralling and powerful instrument to me. The sound that escapes through parted lips can tell the deepest truths in a world where honesty is sorely needed. 166 more words