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New book, ELVIS AND THE BEATLES, reveals surprising relationship between The King and The Fab Four

Music fans know about the historic meeting in 1965 between Elvis Presley and The Beatles. However, most mistakenly believe that was the only connection between the two biggest rock and roll acts of all time. 366 more words

Elvis Presley

The Beatles at Rishikesh

Have you ever heard the name of the famous English band of all time “The Beatles”?

The Beatles was an English rock band from Liverpool (England), formed in 1960. 393 more words


John, Paul, George and Mahapurush

John, Paul, George and Mahapurush? Sound familiar?

Well, it happened, and the full story is in “Finding the Fourth Beatle” – not long now to reserve your limited edition copy of the new book that is rewriting Beatles history. 24 more words

John Lennon

The Long & Winding Road

The Beatles.

Bigger than big.
Greater than great.

“The Toppermost of the Poppermost, Johnny!”

It makes my heart burst to think that I’m from the same place as them. 2,203 more words

"There Goes The Knighthood!" said Ringo Starr

When Ringo recorded “Elizabeth Reigns” on his Ringo Rama album (2003), he signed off by saying; “there goes the knighthood”.  Some of his lyrics were not overly complimentary to her majesty, like: 514 more words

The Beatles

Mathew Street, Liverpool - a photoblog.

Imagine my excitement a lifelong Beatle fan staying in Liverpool  at a hotel called Hard Day’s Night only to find it’s on the junction of North John Street and Mathew Street. 77 more words

Happy Birthday Pete Best

On Pete Best’s 76th birthday, Pete is probably the most controversial person in Beatles history, who divides opinions. Was he a good drummer? Why did the Beatles get rid of him? 158 more words

John Lennon