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The Glory of the Universe

When I first moved to Eynsham I went out into my back garden soon after I arrived – it’s behind the Church – and was astonished at the number of stars I could see. 1,883 more words


A Message from the Author of "The Faith"

On 25th September 2015, a message from Ms Song Ji Na was found.  I translated it from WaterWeed as follows:

“Oh, right … I have made everyone wait for long, haven’t I?” 140 more words

The Faith

9-18-21-2015 The Written Word of God

Concerning His Apostles, Jesus said, “I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word” (John 17:20 NKJV). 126 more words


Fictional Choi Yong as a Tragic Hero

The last time Joonni, Softy and I met, we had a brief discussion on Choi Yong being the best hero, and I agree with Joonni that of all the heroes in K-drama, we love Choi Yong the most.But Choi Yong does not measure up very well to Raglan’s 22 traits of a hero, nevertheless, Daejang only had 24 episodes. 714 more words

The Faith

Lantern Festival at Bongeunsa 2014

Bongeunsa – a temple in Gangnam

COEX – Convention Expo Centre located across street to Bongeunsa

Lantern Festival – takes place usually in early April… 34 more words

The Faith

why I remain a Protestant (but above all, a Christian)

The Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church have in my view much to offer, and carry on the practice of the faith as it has beep practiced for centuries. 618 more words

Matthew: Chapters 1-8

Matt and I have set out to read one chapter of the Bible together each evening. A time of reflection and meditation. A constant reminder of the love, grace and mercy we have been given. 1,067 more words

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