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To Post or Not to Post?...that IS the question

In our social media-saturated culture, it’s hard to escape the allure of posting. Posts of food. Selfie posts. Posts about negativity. Posts about positivity. Posts about politics. 395 more words


Day 1 in Rwanda

We left Savannah for Kigali on September 15th, 2017 around 4:45 PM. We arrived on September 17th around midnight. We were greeted at the airport by our dear friends John and Gladys Mihigo & Ivan. 266 more words



If there’s one most basic thing the Lord calls us to, it probably is faith. Faith in God, in God’s word, in the gospel, the good news in Jesus. 274 more words

back to the Bible

I have a call for both progressive and conservative Christians, and really for everyone regardless of what stripe or tradition in Christianity we might be. We all need to get back to the Bible. 225 more words

Like a Child

Babies are beautiful, delicate and adorable. Their process of formation through to their growth could simply be described as a miracle. Observing their growth process is a way of appreciating the perfect God that we serve. 525 more words

Christianity In Ghana

11 days in Rwanda

I was approached with the idea of going to Rwanda on mission with my church about 9 months ago. I was heavily interested at first, but as the time to depart drew closer, I became hesitant and nervous. 171 more words


within (orthodox) Christianity thinking outside the lines

I was recently musing with someone over the thought that it would be nice if there was just one church in the world which let people disagree on a host of things, but was intact and centered in what the Bible is centered in: the gospel. 441 more words