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I Woke Up Like This: The Fall of Troy - “Empty the Clip, the King Has Been Slain, Long Live the Queen”

I don’t know when the last time I listened to this record was, but I put it on the other day for that reason and the “Uh Oh”s got stuck in my head this morning. 39 more words


Thomas Erak (The Fall Of Troy, Ex-Chiodos) Launches GoFundMe Campaign For New Solo EP

Thomas Erak (The Fall Of Troy, ex-Chiodos) has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his new solo EP. He said the following about that: 56 more words


Random Start: The Fall of Troy - “Inside/Out”

It’s not my favorite record by The Fall of Troy, but I was stoked to hear a comeback. This, however, is my favorite song off of the latest album, mostly because of the “bridge” vocal melody at about 3:33 (on the track, 3:52 in the above video).

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SongADay: The Fall Of Troy - "A Man. A Plan. A Canal. Panama."

Artist: The Fall Of Troy
Song: “A Man. A Plan. A Canal. Panama.”
Album: Manipulator (2007)
Label: Equal Vision
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Progressive Rock

-Thomas Erak’s masterful guitar work… 194 more words


Random Start: The Fall of Troy - “Oh! The Casino!”

I know a lot of people will point to Doppelgänger as their favorite, but this is one of my favorite tracks off of my favorite album by The Fall of Troy.

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"A startling glance at the future and past"

Tom Waits has a song called “The Fall of Troy”, and a post-hardcore band called The Fall of Troy (not sure if they are named after the Tom Waits song) have a song called “Tom Waits.”