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The Fall - Flat Of Angles

Great swaggering track from the Fall’s second album, ‘Dragnet’ (1979).


Fits and Starts

Sometimes, the writing comes easily. Sometimes…it feels like running a marathon with 10-pound weights on each foot:  impossible.

This week, it has been both for me. 103 more words


The More Traditional Baptist Statement

The signers of the Traditional Statement claim to represent traditional Southern Baptist beliefs. If this is true, they should have no problem in assenting to the 1925 Baptist Faith and Message (BFM), the denomination’s official doctrinal statement from 1925-1963. 231 more words

Purpose Of Blog

Wide-eyed and innocent

Recently, I went out for lunch and on the next table were a young couple with a small child. She was able to sit up but probably wasn’t quite walking yet or talking. 753 more words

Thoughts To Share

Why I Love Jamie Dornan

One week ago, women across the globe let out a round of collective sighs at the highly anticipated return of S&M billionaire, Christian Grey, to the big screen. 939 more words

Why I Love...

The Fall (2006)

Directed by: Tarsem Singh

Cinematographer: Colin Watkinson

Staring: Lee Pace, Catinca Untaru



The root of the story takes place within the walls of a hospital in 1920 Los Angeles, where the young Alexandria, suffering from a broken arm, befriends Roy Walker, a movie stunt man who’s legs have been paralyzed after a risky stunt fall.  232 more words

Colin Watkinson

Finding Home In Exile

By Katie Tumino

Cacophony and Euphony. Sounds like a pairing of a bad cough and an insult on someone’s legitimacy. If you are unfamiliar with these words, may I give you a brief English lesson? 905 more words

Biblical Thinking