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Vladimir Lossky: “After the fall"

“After the fall, human history is a long shipwreck awaiting rescue:but the port of salvation is not the goal;it is the possibility for the shipwrecked to resume his journey whose sole goal is union with God.”

Vladimir Lossky

Religious/Theological Reflections

"Figgering Out" This Religious Thingy

This religion thingy.  Wow!  It still has me baffled.  But not really, as the bafflement is only my ego flirting with the awe of standing naked before the Ultimate.  310 more words


We all have those voices in our heads, that tell us we’re a disappointment, that tell us our work is insignificant. That it’s not good enough, it takes too long, it’s too hard.

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Muse Of The Day

Weird at Work Wednesday: Cosplay, Two Villians and an Anti-Hero.

Last weekend I attended Heroes Con here in Charlotte, NC. I’m writing a full post on that later this week, but for now I can say that I was amazed as usual by the cosplayers in attendance. 218 more words

Weird At Work Wednesday

Scar Tissue

Did I tell you about the time I climbed the apple tree, went out onto the thinnest branch and reached for the biggest, juiciest fruit? Did I tell you how loud I screamed when the branch broke and my falling body was impaled on the thicker, sharper bough below me? 59 more words


Personhood: Part Two

This is my second week of writing on Personhood. Last week, I wrote Part One: Personhood—Relational Being. Today, I will focus on Part Two: … 989 more words


The Fall | a play not to be missed!

Firstly, it is on for 5 more days!!! Go get your ticket NOW!!!

Secondly, I went to see The Fall the evening before Youth Day. So, I was already in the realm of  981 more words

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