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New Downtown Café Keeps It All In The Family

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

During this busy holiday season, there are many opportunities to “shop small” in Downtown Auburn Hills.  Small, independently-owned businesses are essential to our local economy and make our city the special, hometown place that it is. 220 more words

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31. Jesus at Your Table!

We have seen throughout this entire chapter that Jesus came eating and drinking, so we should not be surprised that this is also how he spent his last evening on earth. 514 more words

Shared Meals; Food; Eating Together

2. Why are our tables empty?

A shared meal isn’t always enjoyed by everyone. Many of us can bring to mind times around a table when life was sour or empty, when anger, conflict, abandonment, sickness, sadness or fear made the food bitterly inedible, when dining companions seemed more like tyrants and enemies, when our physical hunger deserted us so that gathering around the table was torment. 614 more words

1. Why Eating Together Matters

Most of us can fondly recall times we gathered with family or friends around a table for a wonderful meal. I think of my dad’s famous pot roast and mashed potatoes with gravy, always the centerpiece of family celebrations. 387 more words


Progress is important and as we all know, sometimes progress cannot be stopped – it has an energy and mind of its own. In my lifetime the amount of change described as “progress” has been and continues to be staggering. 1,372 more words