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The wheels on the.... tractor go round and round. At least they're supposed to.

There are always surprises on the farm, we hope for good surprises but it seems like we usually get not so good surprises. :) On Tuesday Dad was driving one of the tractors (the big, four-wheel drive, work horse tractor) when the front end started going “ka-chunk, ka-chunk, ka-chunk” and the front wheels started locking up. 331 more words

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Syracuse Engagement | The Farm | Sean & Brianna

She was out for her birthday with her sisters, sent on a “scavenger hunt” by Sean going to three different locations to celebrate! ¬†They ended at… 172 more words


Certified Wool Classer! 

With the number of fleeces that I look at during fiber festivals and more, and my limited experience in skirting at Meridianjacobs farm, I decided I REALLY wanted to understand what I’m looking at and looking for. 235 more words

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Farming Heartbreak

I sat next to that new life with so much hopelessness. “What do we do?” I asked my husband. “We’ve done what we can do. Can’t save them all.” To which I responded, “I don’t buy that.” He looked at me in a way to say I understand this is hard, but this is life. 684 more words

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It's Calf Selling Time!

Today was calf selling day! Well, technically the sale is tomorrow but we took them to the sale barn today. It was a busy and exhausting day! 363 more words

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Today's Post at Scribbler's Ink

It was my pleasure to hang out at Scribbler’s Ink for Write Life Wednesday today. Thank you to Bobbi Lerman for the opportunity to connect with readers from the Boston area and beyond. 16 more words

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Spring peeps

Spring is always the best/craziest time of the year here on the farm. Especially living in New England, we’re always so ecstatic when we realize Spring is finally here. 172 more words