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Barn Band-aids

Paul Bunyan added five more years to the old barn this morning. Up on the highest ladder we own, he lashed the front side of the barn (which had separated from the frame and was leaning about 12″ in the wrong direction) to a few of the roof supports to keep it from opening up like a bottom-hinged door. 175 more words

The Farm


I wanted to post a couple of pretty sunsets the past couple evening. Its been so long since I have messed with this computer I have to learn all over again how to do stuff.

The Farm

A Wellspring of Blessings

Last year between September and October the cost of water doubled over night in El Salvador. We had no previous notice and what was already a difficult bill to pay, became even more so. 835 more words


My New Story

My story is one of a growing girl that finds her way through some winding paths, falls into a valley, comes to a cliff that she must take courage, strength, and endurance to climb above, and in the midst of that climbing has her world changed through family, friends, and love. 611 more words




Script: Armin Prediger
Director: Oliver Schmitz

A straightforward heist on a farm goes awry when the owner’s family and farm workers fight back to defend the property. 38 more words


A buzz of positive activity at Rush Farm!

A strange lethargy has crept over us this morning despite the media’s attempts to generate excitement about the coming election. Lambing finally finished on Thursday. Katja left on Saturday, for a few days away, taking her first and deserved break from ‘orphanage’ duties for six weeks. 484 more words

The Farm

Meet Porker

On the morning that I was admitted to the hospital to deliver our daughter, I remember filling out the paperwork for her birth certificate and my husband telling me, “make sure to put the little line on the a, we already have a Porker.” 111 more words

The Farm