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Knitting for Sanity

There are so many times when knitting has made my life more comfortable – handspun socks hugging my feet, or a double layer of shawls keeping my face warm when I work in the barn…the sweater customized to fit just how I like it. 515 more words

The Farm

BSG SkyCap: Random (really long) Thoughts on The Farm

Okay. I’ve had way to much time to ponder this episode and I still can’t wrap my brain around it… It was beyond cool. 841 more words

Battlestar Galactica

This winter has conspired to plant seeds for a story

I’ve embarked on a project that has decided it wants to be something much larger than I’d planned, which is awfully exciting (to me). What began yesterday as just a few drawings of trees and birds to layer into another snowscape has planted the seeds of a short film, a proper… 35 more words


Our hopes such as they are, invisible before us, untouched and still possible*

Returned from the snow farm for the last few days of the year’s closing book. Serene here, too— quiet and white-blanketed. Few people are on the sidewalks, chilled and brittle. 178 more words

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The water pipes upstairs froze overnight

It’s double-quilt weather and icy lashes weather as the wind stings saltwater rills from our eyes. Shoulders hunched, we retreat into our hoods like sheltering caves. 153 more words

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A Bag Full of Nuts!

Sometimes you have to try something new and by checking out what is going on in our area I found Pecan Harvesting at The Farm in South Mountain here in good old Phoenix, AZ.  474 more words