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The @CASALiverpool Solidarity Show

So Friday night and a night out at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. After a few pre show bevvies in The Roscoe Head we trooped up the hill to go and watch The Casa Solidarity Show. 810 more words

Christ Almighty! It's Easter....

Easter means the traditional trip to the farm in Lincolnshire for an Easter Egg hunt in the garden organised by Nanny. As usual, it’s a pile of chocolate in a tub each, and brief uninformed conversations about how it may relate to actual religious celebration: did Jesus come out of an egg? 186 more words


The Farm (again), April 2015

The light right now, where the sun is setting, is pretty awesome in terms of back lighting everything really well here on The Farm. That and the little fellas (piggies) that love to have their picture taken. 16 more words


Two More Poems...Actually Three

I read two more poems and had them videoed for April Anarchy. The first one was “Horse” by Louise Glück. Click here to watch the video. 172 more words


Materialism (A-Z Challenge Day 13)

We have lots of stuff.It’s a blessing to have that option, I know.  Especially when it comes to shelter and food. Aside from cash flow challenges in my young adulthood that left me scrounging in the cupboards  the week before payday (I was paid once monthly at one job – yikes!) we’ve always made ends meet.    951 more words


A Spring Walk

It’s a wonderful time to wander along the public footpaths in this glorious spring weather with blossom in the hedges and wildflowers in the verges. Let’s take a walk together. 375 more words

Great Notley

Where Horses and Poetry Intersect

I mentioned in a previous post that a friend of mine asked me to video myself reading a poem written by Maxine Kumin, who was a wonderful poet and horse enthusiast, for April Anarchy, a fun Facebook event designed to introduce people to all kinds of poetry during the National Poetry Month. 153 more words