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On The End Of The Tour & Greatness & Fear & Relatability & The Writer Ego

When I heard about The End Of The Tour—long before a trailer, when it was just a production whisper and a still of bandana-wearing Jason Segal as David Foster Wallace—I knew I’d see it, realistic or not. 1,630 more words


"The Fear" Or Why does my Brain not want me to Exercise?

Does anyone else get a twist in their stomach before going for a run? I don’t mean nerves about racing, just an ordinary training run? I feel this way a lot, a strange sensation that, despite evidence to the contrary, I am not going to be able to do this run, that some, unnamed, thing… 567 more words


The Fear

The Fear by Charlie Higson

This is the third book in The Enemy series and it brings us all the way back to the end of The Enemy. 436 more words

Book Review

Places that I have put a ban on going to in chronological order

The Chatsworth, Action
Effective: August 2014
Reasoning: Venue is littered with drunk Australians.

Update: This venue is now permanently closed. No loss for society or residents of Acton. 218 more words


F*ck The Fear

If you read my last post, you may remember me going on about this horrible thing called The Fear. It’s a nasty little gremlin that quells any exciting good ideas you might have with a snide little remark about how you’re not good enough. 681 more words