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The Fear

The Fear is a phrase I’ve noticed myself using a lot in the last year or two- “this is giving me the fear,”; “I have the fear,” etc. 253 more words

I'm an Accidental Hugger

Well hello! I have been pondering over whether or not to tell you this story but due to events in the late part of last week I feel like I need to share. 788 more words


Day 4 - Why?

”Are you cracked lad? No chance. I give you two weeks. Hahahaha my arse”

I haven’t told my friends yet but I expect reactions along them lines. 885 more words

The Fear

Blog 1 - Day 1

Howaya. So there I was about an hour and a half ago, sitting in front of the stove with me ma and da watching the Enfield Haunting (cracking film/documentary, depending on how addicted you get) absolutely crippled by The Fear from my midweek escapades (detailed later) when a wild idea dawned upon me. 744 more words

The Fear

Next Steps: The Fear

As university slowly crawls into final semester and graduation day sits as a tangible, looming date in the calendar, it’s no wonder that one’s apprehension may exponentially increase with each passing day. 713 more words

The Shins perform new song "The Fear" live

The Shins have a new album, Heartworms, coming on March 10.  The band performed a new song called “The Fear” on Prairie Home Companion… 8 more words