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Quote, Unquote : Jarvis Cocker

“This is the sound of someone losing the plot, of making out that they’re okay when they’re not.”

Scar tissue

Snapshot: a temperament strained like glass on the edge of fracture, and a wallet not where it’s meant to be.

Each time I look elsewhere for the god-damned fucking thing and don’t find it the pressure in my chest ratchets tighter. 555 more words

Chapter 21: Whiskey, You're the Devil.

Dennis woke before the sun had proper time to rise, not that he could tell in the Little Black Box. His whiskey wrung mind panicked in the total absence of light, forgetting the past few months entirely, and he wondered for a moment where his soft bed was or where he himself might be. 1,376 more words


It's all about choices really....

People often ask me, what do you do? and when I tell them the general response is ‘WOW is there anything you don’t do?’ and this is why this questions offends me so much.. 359 more words

Overlapping Lines


That is a favorite swear word of Regency rakes and frustrated lords across the romance world. And now I’m muttering it myself as I swill my scotch. 301 more words

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater takes on a 1960s Soviet jungle setting

I’ve only played through Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater once in my life, and I remember very little, save for the obvious much-written about boss fight with The End. 725 more words


First Post Anxiety

I have always wanted a blog, in the same way I have always wanted to write a book. I lack self-discipline and probably the confidence to do it though. 163 more words

First Blog