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Week 6: Music and Laughter.

I tried to write this article last Sunday but i was so tired that I went straight to bed when I got home.

I tried to write last Monday but no idea came out, or maybe there was but I just did not know how to process it that time. 635 more words

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Dragon Eggs and Gambled Years

The Feast / The Adventure / The Recipe

While I love DMing, I do get to kick back and enjoy being an adventurer as well. The group I play with as a character met to continue our quest investigating increasing giant activity. 2,477 more words

The Adventure

Mexi's Amateur Guide to PVP for those doing the GARO event

I am absolutely NOT an expert at all modes of PvP in FFXIV and I do welcome constructive feedback. I have PvP’d a lot in SWTOR and Neverwinter as well as a bit in Guildwars 2. 1,221 more words


Roasting Chickens and Doors

The Feast / The Adventure / The Recipe

The group that I DM for met to continue their adventures in Phandalin. If you are currently running theĀ  2,512 more words

The Adventure

Dreams Do Come True

“Dreams really do come true.” This is what I said to myself as I cut my picture from the Feast Bulletin given away last Sunday. 402 more words

Reality is how you perceive it

Imagination is the difference between:
1. What is vs. What could be.
2. Why vs. Why not.


Moses Parting the Red Sea (Craft)

Have you watched the animated movie, The Prince of Egypt? It’s a wonderful Bible story movie not just for kids but for adults too. I think we are all aware of Moses’ story in the Exodus where he lead the Israelites out of Egypt by parting the Red Sea with his staff that God granted him. 75 more words

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