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More Than Just a Ministry

I had one of the busiest yet very fruitful days last weekend. The Feast Bay Area PM Session Production Team’s team building finally happened! It had been raining hard for the past days, so I was a bit worried it would still be like that during our team building; but with God’s love, it turned to be a fine weather. 1,202 more words



After the Iloilo journey, I immersed myself to the new series of The Feast dubbed “WorkaHolyc”.

The title of the series is a twist of the word workaholic. 675 more words


The Upper Room

On the last week of February this year, I began my indefinite hiatus from the poetry stage. I had been performing my pieces in poetry and music events since December 2016, chosen as a poetry fellow in a writers workshop last year, and even chosen to become part of a poetry and music collective. 1,165 more words


The Feast - Part 3

They continued down the path through the forest, the wounds on Qorin’s face now completely healed, leaving not even the slightest scars. The young peasant girl kept looking back at him with the corner of the eye, visibly worried about the nature of her traveling companion. 625 more words

The Feast

Say, "Yes!"

When saying the word, “God,” “Lord,” or “Jesus,” and talking about his words, most of the people will look at you with an unexplainable facial expression, as if you just mentioned the strangest thing on earth. 668 more words


The Feast - Part 2

One of the creatures lunged straight at Qorin, its razor sharp claws aiming for his throat. He easily sidestepped the blow and delivered a counter-attack of his own, as he delivered a deep cut to the side of the monster as it flew past him. 669 more words

The Feast


Sunday is family day celebrating the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity.

From Awesome Kids Ministry, Couples Light Group (LG) to my dear cousin’s family celebration – more meaningful events added to my memory bank. 583 more words