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You give because you know He deserves it.

I was about to leave work when one of my good friends gave me a simple gift. What do you do when you receive a gift? 487 more words


Miracles Happen There “Within”.

Some of us may have all the unanswered questions that may shatter us instead of making us whole again.

But why? … maybe because we just tend to stop rising above our weaknesses that tend to pull us down, then we delimit all the opportunities that are given to us to believe that… 259 more words

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Central And Remote: Katie Kim

“You really don’t know if it’s day or night when you’re in there and that was more than perfect for me. Every now and then, you’ll hear the trains approaching and rolling above your head and it’s one of the most beautiful sounds.” 2,312 more words


There is no bacon: The Red Theater

In this episode, we’re getting dangerous with the Red Theater. We talk about their “bad boy” days, why they like to ask dangerous questions, and their upcoming show, The Feast. 22 more words

Kevin Alves

The Feast (part 2): Memory, Water, and Protection

Continued from The Feast (part 1): Calendars, Harvest Festivals, Pagans, and Booths

Memory is a fragile and fractured thing, especially without corroboration.

When I began this section of the narrative, I planned to write about the years I went to The Feast on Jekyll Island, believing they spanned all of my pre-pubescent youth. 1,178 more words


Another ‘F’ arrives in CAMANAVA

No classes. Will there be an announcement of ‘No classes?’

The rain poured hard the previous day and so my classmates and I were exchanging text messages inquiring if there will be suspension of classes. 910 more words



When God created or started something he’s the one who will finish it.
People never lose problems, everyday, old and new dilemmas comes in our way. 108 more words