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De-Dollarization and the Collapse of the US Economy

For several months we have been writing about how the world’s financial landscape is changing and the complete failure of the FED’s monetary policies and how their policies are creating an utter disaster for the US economy. 765 more words

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How the Federal Reserve Is Destroying Your Economic Future

Source: AlterNet, by Lynn Stuart Parramore

When it comes to what goes on in the marble corridors of the Federal Reserve, Americans tend to be suspicious. 386 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Woman filming U.S. Marshal has cellphone grabbed, smashed in South Gate

If the guidelines  for Federal Criminal Investigations/Operations are stricter than state or local operations then there should have been agents covering the perimeter of the operation to ward off curious onlookers with or without camera phones. 443 more words

The Fed

The Federal Reserve: Part IV – The Bankers Strike Bank

Source: Armstrong Economics

Paul Volcker Former Fed Chairman

The entire theory of how to manage an economy via the rise and fall of the money supply being the sole cause of inflation or deflation was discredited post-1971 with the birth of the  657 more words


Unsound Banking: Why Most Of The World's Banks Are Headed For Collapse

By Doug Casey – Re-Blogged From http://www.Gold-Eagle.com

You’re likely thinking that a discussion of “sound banking” will be a bit boring. Well, banking should be boring. 1,558 more words

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The Federal Reserve: Part II

Source: Armstrong Economics

The amount of propaganda against the Federal Reserve is incredible. What we must keep in mind is that its original design, which lasted for about one year, was brilliant. 580 more words


The Federal Reserve: Part I “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

Source: Armstrong Economics

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Great work and I wish you the best.

One question regarding your recent email alerts from your blog in regards to the “money out of thin air” discussion that was/is going on. 871 more words

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