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Gold Outlook Improves

By Alasdair Macleod – Re-Blogged From GoldMoney

There is a conflation of three related events that materially alter the prospects in favour of a higher… 1,794 more words

GDP & Employment

Golden Fears

Good Morning,

Well she did it again, or , she didn’t do it again. Mrs Yellen has become known for saying something decisive and covering herself by unwinding her own assertions. 356 more words

US Economy

Clueless Fed?!

By Axel Merk – Re-Blogged From http://www.merkinvestments.com

“The Fed doesn’t have a clue!” – I allege that not only because the Fed appears to admit as much (more on that in a bit), but also because my own analysis leads to no other conclusion. 2,016 more words

GDP & Employment

The War On Cash

The Keynesian central bankers believe that they can manipulate people into spending their money rather than saving. It is of course, completely insane because saving and investment are the backbone of a healthy economy. 133 more words


Entering The Belly Of The Epocalypse

By David Haggith – Re-Blogged From Gold-Eagle

Only a couple of weeks ago, I said we were entering the jaws of the Epocalypse….

Mexican retail billionaire… 1,292 more words

GDP & Employment

The Federal Reserve – the Deep State’s Central Bank

Source: Acting-Man, by Bill Bonner

Fighting to Lose

BALTIMORE – Where are we now? Dow down 296 points on Tuesday – or just under 2%. 450 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence