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Bubbles Never Pop Painlessly

By Michael Pento – Re-Bloged From http://www.Goldd-Eagle.com

Investors are obsessed over predicting the timing of the Fed’s first interest rate hike. Will it raise the Fed Funds rate in September, or wait until next year? 959 more words

GDP & Employment

The Federal Reserve – What it is, and Why it’s Hurting the Economy

I recently appeared on the Solidus Center podcast on the history, workings and policy consequences of the Federal Reserve System, America’s central bank.

I explain the connection between central banking and the boom and bust of the business cycle; what role the Federal Reserve played in generating the recent housing and investment bubbles that burst in 2008; how and why the Federal Reserve has followed another “expansionary” monetary policy over the last seven years; and what changes must be introduced to end these repeated episodes of monetary mischief and economic instability. 14 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence


Well it looks as if the Greek drama is moving into the final act. I imagine that shortly the next drama (Portugal?) will begin. Still it seems that no-one, especially not the bureaucrats, politicians and economists, understands what is really happening. 278 more words


Are US stocks really over-valued?

Stock Market Capitalization

Let us start with Warren Buffet’s favorite market valuation ratio: stock market capitalization to GDP. I have modified this slightly, replacing GDP with GNP, because the former excludes offshore earnings — a significant factor for multinationals. 528 more words

US & Canada

Market Volatility? “NOP”, says the Fed.

As expected, the Fed did not change policy at its meeting last week, as the “dot plot” shifted downward – closer to, if still well above, the levels priced into the market. 846 more words