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Heroic little village

As a stroppy teenager, I was guilty of looking down my nose at the place of my birth. Not Yorkshire, ‘God’s own county’, heaven forbid! But if asked where I was born I always said a tiny village on the end of the Pennine Chain. 994 more words


The Good People In Your Life

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Good people. If you have them in your life…do everything possible to keep them there. For “fake” people run in packs and will interrupt your kingdom at any given time of the day. 15 more words

A Few More Pages Done

I’m still working on THE FEW comic book series. Here is the rough and the panel art for the page I just completed. Issues 4, 5 & 6 are finished, but currently unavailable for purchase online. 15 more words

Comic Book

Is it More Noble An Endeavor, The Greater Good? Not Under Capitalism

Is it not more noble to sacrifice for the greater good than to sacrifice for the lesser?

You would think that easy question to answer but it’s not. 254 more words

Geo-politics, Socio-economics

Happy 243rd Birthday

HAPPY 243rd BIRTHDAY to The Few, The Proud, The United States Marine Corps…


I dream dreams

I dream dreams whilst wide awake.

The sort of dreams that’d make most shake.

But not you my Beauty, you dream them too.

For we are two of oh so few. 63 more words


Freshman College Project

When I was a freshman in college, my first art class assignment was to dream up and create a “dimensional” story. These are a few of the cardboard stand-ups from that project. 53 more words

Comic Book