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Finding Inspiration in the Finger

I was driving in my very own neighborhood about a year ago when a car with two teenage boys drove past and instead of giving me the friendly neighbor wave, I got the finger. 612 more words


Karma punishes harassing redneck driver

Florida Man is at it again. This time it was a guy in a truck who was tailgating and harassing a woman driving. He pulls up alongside her and shoots her the finger for a rather long time. 54 more words


Big Pickups, Love My Guns, Waving in Nevada

I’ve been away from the Western US for a number of years, and amazingly in that amount of time, I’ve gotten a bit older and a bit wiser? 499 more words


German Of The Day: Stinkefinger

That means stinky finger. You know, as in the finger?

SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel recently got some Sommerloch good press by doing what is generally considered to be a bad thing. 84 more words


Giving The Finger


I give the finger.

I give it to my kids.

I give it to drivers who should know better.

I give it to persons who are acting inappropriately out in public. 67 more words

Life Chatter

Horses, Homicides and the German Tactical Gene

Once upon a time, my dad decided to get a horse.

We don’t call him George. We call him Mikey. Frankly, we should call him Satan, for that is his real master. 1,322 more words


Index Is The New Middle Finger

As a kid, I was taught that pointing was rude. Extremely rude.

I work as a delivery driver for a sandwich shop and was making the last drop of my shift, a single lunch, to a high-end orthopedic center that had its own concierge desk. 472 more words