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The Finger, or “Bird Is the Word"

Nixon did it, and so did Kennedy. George W. Bush has been caught numerous times on tape grinning broadly and flashing what he called the “one-finger salute.” It has been described as “flipping someone off” or “giving someone the bird,” but when it comes right down to it, the gesture of raising the middle finger ultimately translates as “fuck you!” Every nation has its own array of verbal assaults, but they also have their arsenal of insulting gestures as well. 1,539 more words

Pop Culture

Barry Likumahuwa

Musisi Harus Punya Indentitas Jelas

Elseos Jeberani Emanuel Likumahuwa. Coba tanya penggemarnya, ada yang tahu? Nama panggungnya singkat, Barry Likumahuwa. Jejak jazz menetes dari ayahnya: Benny Likumahuwa-bassist jazz lawas, dan omnya: Utha Likumahuwa-salah seorang vokalis legendaris Indonesia. 291 more words


Producing a sonohaptical experience with Arduino

A 3-axis machine controlled by finger movements makes for a unique touch and sound performance.

The collaboration of Jakub Koźniewski and Dmitry Morozov (who you may know as ::vtol::) have devised a slick audio-tactile project that they call  166 more words

Makers Movement

The Finger

Billy Hatcher held his breath, gritted his teeth, and prayed again. He’d been in this sweltering box for twenty minutes already, but every time he thought about moving another cramp ripped through him, doubling him over again (well, as far as one could be doubled over, sitting on the throne, that is). 1,026 more words

Adie Bishop

Driving idiots

So I’m behind this guy in the left lane going 22 in a 35 mph. Bored, I move to the right lane and speed up. … 83 more words


Charlie Hebdo"s vault into the Limelight.

A week ago, I suspect like most of the world’s population, I knew nothing whatsoever of Charlie Hebdo – a satirical magazine produced in Paris. The savage murder of 12 of its staff was indeed a deplorable action, the result of which was to bring people together in retaliation and defiance, and to blast the name Charlie Hebdo around the world. 199 more words


The Art of Raising Hell - Flipping The Bird

The middle finger is a very provocative weapon and should be in every hell raiser’s toolbox. Whether it’s subtly replying to a girlfriend who’s just told you that you’re getting fat or letting the guy across the field know what you really think about his football team, I can guarantee that this gesture will get your message across. 601 more words