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You Shall not Pass - Docks

Today in Dublin for the first time in all the years I have lived here I saw the East Link bridge being lifted to allow a boat up the Liffey. 23 more words


Family Photo Gone Wrong...2-Year-Old Gives Mom The Finger

You never ever know what kids are going to do next! Even the best behaved kids can be unpredictable!

How do I know? Meet, my friend Sarah Williams, who is a great mom! 297 more words


Driving with Kids: The Frightening, the Funny & the Finger

I’ve got a theory. If you’ve had a vehicle and a child for any length of time, your family has at least three types of auto adventure stories: 764 more words



symbols communicate succinct, often powerful, messages

this finger tattooed on the middle finger, both redundant and clear, symbolizes an unwillingness to communicate further as well as frustration, anger, contempt… 55 more words

Elizabeth Weaver

Biker Flips Off Motorist and Forgets How To Bike...

If you are going to send up a freedom rocket while you are out for a ride please do it safely.  It is easy to see who got the last laugh this time around.


The Finger, or “Bird Is the Word"

Nixon did it, and so did Kennedy. George W. Bush has been caught numerous times on tape grinning broadly and flashing what he called the “one-finger salute.” It has been described as “flipping someone off” or “giving someone the bird,” but when it comes right down to it, the gesture of raising the middle finger ultimately translates as “fuck you!” Every nation has its own array of verbal assaults, but they also have their arsenal of insulting gestures as well. 1,540 more words

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