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Throwing the Bird

Out of the corner of my eye I think I see the flash of my wife’s middle finger, the bird. My back isn’t turned, we are in the car setting side by side. 407 more words

F You

Are You Giving Your Soul the Finger?

Today has been a day of conversations about not following your soul’s desire.

How does that feel?

You were born with your dreams within you in the form of  passion or mission. 75 more words


Fingering the Culprit

It would appear that a broken collar bone has no impact on a young boy’s ability to act like a sassy ass. How do I know? 287 more words


Dad's Bladder Revenge

I…have a bit of a problem. As problems go it’s not a severe one, but it’s still rather bad. I have an all-consuming lust for Dr. 742 more words


You Shall not Pass - Docks

Today in Dublin for the first time in all the years I have lived here I saw the East Link bridge being lifted to allow a boat up the Liffey. 23 more words


Family Photo Gone Wrong...2-Year-Old Gives Mom The Finger

You never ever know what kids are going to do next! Even the best behaved kids can be unpredictable!

How do I know? Meet, my friend Sarah Williams, who is a great mom! 297 more words