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Big Pickups, Love My Guns, Waving in Nevada

I’ve been away from the Western US for a number of years, and amazingly in that amount of time, I’ve gotten a bit older and a bit wiser? 499 more words


German Of The Day: Stinkefinger

That means stinky finger. You know, as in the finger?

SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel recently got some Sommerloch good press by doing what is generally considered to be a bad thing. 84 more words


Giving The Finger


I give the finger.

I give it to my kids.

I give it to drivers who should know better.

I give it to persons who are acting inappropriately out in public. 67 more words

Life Chatter

Horses, Homicides and the German Tactical Gene

Once upon a time, my dad decided to get a horse.

We don’t call him George. We call him Mikey. Frankly, we should call him Satan, for that is his real master. 1,322 more words


Index Is The New Middle Finger

As a kid, I was taught that pointing was rude. Extremely rude.

I work as a delivery driver for a sandwich shop and was making the last drop of my shift, a single lunch, to a high-end orthopedic center that had its own concierge desk. 472 more words


2,439 Year Study of "The Finger" Finally Called Off

In the year 423 BCE, scientists launched an ecological study on the entirety of humankind after Aristophane’s comedy The Clouds was created. The play was not well-received at first, but one scene really seemed to stir the pot. 796 more words


Monkey finger...

I do so apologize for my pet’s rude behavior… but he seems to be giving you the finger!