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First food milestone

We have conquered solid foods! First food is oatmeal and she likes it!

The First Year

The Truth.

What people don’t tell you about motherhood is that it can come with a profound amount of sadness. In a world full of social media and everyone wanting to portray themselves in the best light possible cause people are so judgemental and opinionated now a days. 1,341 more words

First Time Mom

You will not remember...

My little girl,

This week has been a particularly rough week for your mommy and daddy. It is true that when things go wrong, it comes in waves and your mommy does believe that people are never given more than they can handle. 522 more words

The First Year

Baby Cinema - our trip to Odeon Newbies in Coventry

Well this was a new experience. Cinema AND baby…how could this possibly work I asked myself. Won’t he hate it? Won’t I spent 95% of the time trying to shhh him and miss the entire film? 357 more words

The First Year

The first year (10 things)

As I enter my second year as a parent to a child with Down Syndrome I reflected on some things I’ve learned, observed and thought about over the first year…. 1,022 more words

Down Syndrome

Being a parent, the realities of the first year....

Well it has been well over a year, but this post has been needing to be done for a while now.  For anyone is due to have a baby, wanting to have a baby or have one already and want to read and say ‘yeah that’s so right’! 693 more words


Rough Night

Today was frustrating. My girl cried for hours and then finally became quiet and fell asleep. It is sometimes hard to be a mom when I work all day then come home to find the work is just beginning. 24 more words

The First Year