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Lesson 3 of the flip

This class was a double period so we had so much time in class to do some amazing practical activities.

I took the class outside to do make some human vectors in the quad. 220 more words


Flipping with MoveNote For Micro-Learning

Increasingly teachers need to be able to rapidly post content online for students to review or revise. Video is usually fairly cross-compatible, but creating a video can be a daunting task for any teacher.  241 more words


Lesson 2 of the flip

An equal amount of time was spent on putting together the materials then recording, and re-recording the presentation and coming up with inspiring, practical activities. 148 more words


Lesson 1 of the flip

I took an hour making the video. Way longer than I would have spent preparing for a single lesson. I wanted it to be perfect and so I planned out each screen, all my examples in detail, definitions, statements etc. 182 more words


The Flipped Classroom

I’ve heard so much talk of the flipped classroom and most people I speak to are huge believers in it and will talk passionately about their experience with it. 242 more words


Flash Feedbacks - ICTs For English Teachers

English teachers have usually found that ICTs are a good fit for creative self-expression. There are numerous multi-media authoring tools for computers or tablet devices which can be used to allow students to create multi-modal presentations of one kind or another. 610 more words

The Always Available Teacher - What's the Netiquette?

One affordance that digital technologies bring to the classroom is that of greatly expanded connectivity. Via, Skype or Google hangouts, or any number of platforms your students can talk to other students, experts, or to the teacher in class time or outside class time. 331 more words

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