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Thinking Digitally - Question Pauses & The Metacognitive Back Channel

When you are reflecting on your thinking it is helpful to have some device which forces you to take a step back! Anything which puts some time between a thought, and acting on it, for example, invites an opportunity to reflect. 411 more words


My iPad Ate My Homework!

As ICTs increasingly become commonplace in our classrooms, it is often the case that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Certainly listening to the excuses for non-submission of homework I am often amazed at how little has changed. 623 more words


The Curate's Egg: A Blended Approach to ICT Integration

ICT integration is a bit like the proverbial curate’s egg: good and bad in parts. I believe that is is absolutely vital to remember that when you start using ICTs in your lessons, not every bite is going to nourish, there will be many sour moments along the way. 506 more words


Snow Days Shouldn't Cause a Learning Freeze-Out

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey where it often snowed in the winter. I remember listening to the radio broadcast of¬†school-closing announcements on those snowy mornings¬†hoping with fingers-crossed that my school’s name would be called. 333 more words

Tech For Learning

Dragging the Classroom Kicking and Screaming into the 21st Century

The SAMR model for the integration of ICTs into the classroom is a typical example of the way in which the introduction of ICTs is seen as transformative. 1,276 more words


Do Androids Dream of an LMS?

The three major LMS platforms teachers are using at our school are Moodle, Edmodo and Google Classrooms. These days it is increasingly essential to be able to monitor your Learning Management System 24 hours a day. 908 more words


What Sports Betting May Have To Tell Us About Education

I have become quite a fan of sports betting. Without the money, of course! I’m way too poor a gambler to risk my shirt! The site I use is… 1,258 more words

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