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Page vs Screen: Technology in the Classroom isn't Hobson's Choice!

It seems to me that in any class I teach there are three distinct groups of students: one consisting of enthusiastic adopters of digital technologies; a second group of those comfortable enough with the technology, but rather less gung-ho about it; and finally a group which struggles with anything to do with a device, and is all at sea. 603 more words


* F is for flipped

The flipped classroom and flipped learning have been around for a while now, but those terms continue to generate some confusion.  The flipped classroom has been somewhat controversial in that students watch videos or read online info at home and then participate in classroom activities which require that knowledge. 250 more words

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High School MOOCs - an idea whose time has come?

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) were widely predicted to disrupt tertiary education, even to replace Universities. This has not really happened, for many of the same reasons that ICTs have not disrupted classrooms to any great extent. 979 more words


The Flipped Classroom

I’ve always been quite nerdy which I have stated in previous posts and so this week’s screencast assignment was really exciting.  Not only was I able to use my many pieces of technology like my USB Yeti microphone and my HD webcam but I was able to combine it with my passion for teaching!! 118 more words

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Evaluation of my flipped classroom

Two weeks have passed of doing a flipped classroom with my Y11 maths class and at the end we did a unit test and a survey monkey questionnaire. 700 more words