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i can only wonder

I’ve been feeling so good the past few days
but there is still a voice


i do not belong here”


“how long is this going to last” 65 more words


How to Make Your Way Through the Fog

Random thought of the day that was in our Instagram Stories recently. If you’d like to see more from our Instagram follow us @GeekDevotions

This particular story is about making your way through the fog of the world.

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intuitive itching - poem

thickly layered fog had settled in for some time-
having put to bed all feelings of restlessness,
only a few felt an intuitive itching of the mind… 13 more words


November 15th: The Fog

Good evening all,

Overcoats don’t know what they’re running from, but their deep, somehow uptempo house is here to grind and provide love. Imagine a slow-motion jog and you have… 9 more words

Happy Birthday, Tom Atkins!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Monster Monday to wish a very happy birthday to one of my favorite horror actors of all time: Tom Atkins. Starring in classics like… 40 more words


My Unsophisticated Twin Describes Movies For You (Part Two)

…AKA “Well, I guess, that’s one way to put it (in 25 words or less)”…

HH 2017: Fiends, Freaks, and Final Girls #24 - Derrick Kinnison on "Frankenstein's Monster"

Please welcome back returning contributor Derrick Kinnison.

Derrick first joined us last year to express his love for John Carpenter’s The Fog. Even then, it was pretty clear that Derrick had a high level of excitement for this series, as well as the opportunity to express his love for the genre with an audience that could sympathize and relate. 1,219 more words

Halloween Horrors 2017