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Book Problems: Book Collector

I have an issue. I buy multiple copies of the same book and it doesn’t even matter if i have another copy or two or three, i will buy another one. 119 more words


The fog.

It’s been less dramatic than the James Herbert novel of the same name but there’s no doubt the foggy weather that’s dominated much of the country this week has caused a few problems – especially for the airports. 200 more words


Weekend Round Up #48

This weekend’s movies:

Freddy vs. Jason, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Halloween, Jason X, Love Is Strange, The Duke of Burgundy, The Fog, Tommy



Get up and dance.

The Fog: Been A Long Time (Gio’s Dope Mix)


The Fog (2005, Rupert Wainwright), the unrated version

In Rupert Wainwright’s shockingly inept remake, The Fog doesn’t blow, it sucks.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

But The Fog is awful. It’s almost interestingly awful, as Cooper Layne’s screenplay mimics just about every popular mainstream horror movie made in the previous two decades. 353 more words


The Fog (2005) Review

Our trip through horror land continues with The Fog! As you recall, I saw the original The Fog quite a while ago. I can’t say that it was a very pleasant experience and this one isn’t either. 1,165 more words