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San Francisco: A Drone's Eye View

Here are some nice shots of San Francisco and its bridges done by danesdrone on You Tube:

Makes me homesick. Beautiful city. This poem reminds me of the fog coming over Twin Peaks into the valleys of San Francisco. 26 more words


Demons: The Fog - Chapter 15

“The demons whipped me again as they dragged me away, jamming those needles into my back and stomach and ripping them out again with no remorse. 425 more words


Our World

The Elder G-ds weep

As they gaze upon our world,

And the angels sing.


Demons: The Fog - Chapter 12

“They blindfolded me, tied my hands to a tree, and made me kneel. They whipped my back repeatedly, ripping off some flesh. I screamed in agony but they didn’t stop; they just kept hitting me. 591 more words


Bahama Jellyfish and Alaska Granola

I have been blessed with parents who’ve dragged me around travelling when I was a teenager. The latter being the reason why I say “dragged”. In retrospect, of course my point of view changed a little from when I was younger and I wish I had enjoyed it more. 1,260 more words


John Carpenter meets Garth Marenghi in a Non-Alcoholic Bar

My munki mind is bending. Obviously the Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace soundtrack, based on a tune Garth Marenghi hummed, must be influenced by the soundtracks of John Carpenter, specifically… 51 more words

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