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Jackals review

Based on true events, Kevin Gruetert’s Jackals is the story of a families quest to reclaim their son from a murderous cult.

Things don’t begin this way though, with an opening scene that is textbook POV Halloween territory. 153 more words

Valorie Curry Is Underrated

Valorie Curry is someone I first became aware of during The Following were she played part of an underground group of killers, the show is worth checking out if you missed out on it first time around but it went off the rails a little I think because they were never sure about renewal. 74 more words


Weekend Watchlist: To See or Not To See

It’s time once again for the Weekend Watchlist! If you haven’t noticed, the Christmas Movies are starting to make an appearance on Netflix. I love this time of year! 774 more words

Reviewed: Dying Light: The Following

Reviewed: Dying Light: The Following

Released: February 2016

Played: November 2017

Format: PS4

Completion Time: 5 hours

Rating: 7/10

I Liked… 985 more words


The Following: 235, Axel Hirsoux — Mother

#235: Axel Hirsoux — Mother

Belgium 2014, 14th place in SF1

So, you know how I said in my Iris review that “Would You” wasn’t their low point in the last six contests? 154 more words

The Following

The Following: 236, Valentina Monetta — The Social Network Song

#236: Valentina Monetta — The Social Network Song

San Marino 2012, 14th place in SF1

And now, our first visit to Our Lady, the patron saint of Eurovision, Miss Valentina Monetta. 151 more words

The Following

The Following: 237, Iris — Would You

#237: Iris — Would You

Belgium 2012, 17th place in SF1

Quite possibly one of the most anonymous Eurovision entries on this list. Belgium’s journey on this ranking will be quite a rollercoaster (spoiler alert: they’re appearing again soon, and then not for a  150 more words

The Following