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Dipping into the grab bag of life

In the 1960s to early ’70s, my mother, sister, and I were living the cliché. Packed into a red Volkswagen Beetle, we took to the open roads snaking across the country from Hollywood, Florida to St. 586 more words


The Examined Life

Socrates famously stated that the unexamined life is not worth living for a human. Dogs, koala bears, snails, and other such creatures get a free pass, which explains a lot about why they always seem so happy—or at least nonchalant: … 832 more words


The Painkillers

The school year flew by me. My Mom had met Josh’s Mom. The two of them agreed that the best place to send Josh to was my grammar school. 1,758 more words


We Just Needle Little Christmas

Now that the frenzy of Black Friday and the clamor of Cyber Monday have abated and the emails clogging my inbox reveal that I would have gotten a larger discount if I’d just waited until Total-up Tuesday or We-didn’t-sell-as-much-as-we-thought-we-would Wednesday, it’s time to turn my attention to other holiday-inspired activities. 907 more words

The Formative Years

Flo/Rida: A State Divided (by the way, whatever happened to that guy?)

On October 7th South Miami officials passed a resolution with a vote of 3-2 to split Florida in half, and make South Florida our nation’s 51st state. 1,197 more words


Play That Funky Music

I was never particularly nostalgic for the songs of my youth, rarely playing them at home or in the car. Of course it may have something to do with the fact that I came of age in the 1970s, and while there was some excellent music produced during those years, my memory seems fixated on the disco and novelty songs of the time. 1,662 more words

The Formative Years


As an artist I like to think that I communicate through my paintings, however as a human being, I realise more and more that the real art of communication, the sharing of emotions, feelings and concerns is often difficult.     223 more words