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Review: mother!

Darren Aronofsky makes films that emotionally and thematically aim for the rafters; however, his recent film- Mother, endeavours for the stratosphere and beyond. The picture is a potently off-kilter Gothic infused Ibsen chamber piece about the battle between the ego and nurture, which is remarkably filtered through the prism of the creative process and creation. 557 more words

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Oasis of Quiet Beauty at Rolling Ridge

The weather was comfortable while I was taking pictures on the grounds of Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center. I could have spent many more hour taking pictures but was limited by the setting sun. 185 more words


UK Subs vs Otway: Hastings celebrity deathmatch at The Fountain

In a no-holds-barred Thursday night tussle, two-times pop starlet John Otway toook on the challenge of following a crow-laden set of post-punk folk-modernism from UK Subs frontman… 84 more words

F_ck The Fountain!

The cruel irony had become a bludgeon to hit visual artists over the head with and numb anyone’s appreciation of visual art. You wanna’ learn about art. 2,579 more words


Lake Eola Grand Finale

Acrylic on canvas
Lake Eola 14

These past three months have been a journey as I saw with new eyes the beauty around Lake Eola. 349 more words


Decoding mother! A fascinating conundrum

Your first instinct on leaving a showing of mother! could well be exasperation, confusion, even being left with a distinct whiff of pretension which many have accused Darren Aronofsky of peddling in what could well be his most personal movie to date, and almost certainly his most divisive. 910 more words