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You Pulled Me Through Time

“All these years, all these memories, there was you. You pulled me through time.”

– The Fountain (2006)


Music Video Of The Week: Parkway Drive "Crushed"

Parkway Drive seem to be really into messing with gravity lately, only with this music video for new single “Crushed” the circumstance is a little different than jumping out of a plane. 70 more words


Daily Draw: The Fountain, 9 of Cups rev. (Bara), and Knight of Cups rev. (Svipdag)

Ok, yeah. We get it. Life is hard. There’s a lot of crap going on right now: pain, destruction, poverty, disease. It seems like the universe is double-dog daring me to make wishes lately just so It can smack me down with an immense, hearty “Bwa ha ha no” and maybe the same is true for you. 205 more words


Day 27 - Guitar heroes

Your top five guitar heroes?

If I had to construct a shortlist, although I’m not sure I’d ever be able to pin it down definitively, Willie Austen and Paul Stenton would undoubtedly be contenders ( 553 more words

Daily Draw: IV The Emperor (Utgard-Loki) & The Fountain

Don’t rush today, my friends. Slow down and do it right the first time. Get through it the right way. The gods and guardians are with you and they’re watching. 55 more words


Daily Draw: Spider & The Fountain

Today’s draw is about removing masks, seeing not only our place in the web but beyond it, and heading toward that which gives us hope. It’s all a part of the great design, the master mosaic of which we ourselves only have a small piece. 19 more words