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Ambition for rank, fame, or power can be so ugly. It can be so opposite of being noble. When someone achieves rank, fame, or power justly and truly, it is an admirable thing. 77 more words


The Ethics of Egoism: Why "The Fountainhead" Is Still Important

Few people truly understand Ayn Rand’s philosophical stance. In other words the idea that rational selfishness is the only natural way for a human being to live his or her life, not because they read a paragraph or even a few words out of the thousands she has written on the subject and misconstrue that what she preaches is evil, rather because it is too complex for them to understand what she is saying. 450 more words


What Roark said to Steven.

There was this lady, Ayn Rand.

Ever heard of her? She wrote this book, The Fountainhead, which is solely based on Howard Roark, an Architect like no other. 305 more words

The Fine Pleasure of Rereading Books

I’ve never been one to rewatch old movies. I know how it ends, I know where the major plot twists lie, and I know how the relationships pan out. 454 more words

Ayn Rand


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This is the first book I have read by Ayn Rand. Her characters are very interesting and have strikingly distinct flavors. The characters that have admirable traits definitely don’t fit the mode of “normal.” Their traits are extreme – we might wish we would meet someone like that, but maybe it’s a good thing we haven’t. 129 more words



1. LUST FOR LIFE РIrving Stone 

“First, we think all truth beautiful, no matter how hideous its face may seem. We accept all of nature, without any repudiation. 2,003 more words

Going Galt: Change Your Perspective

In Ayn Rand’s masterpiece, Atlas Shrugged, John Galt,¬†the antagonist turned protagonist, is most notable for his effort to stop what he terms motor of the world. 1,120 more words

Ayn Rand