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Patricia Neal in 'The Fountainhead'

Patricia Neal (1926 – 2010) Academy Award for Best Actress for Hud (1963). “This woman had to be believable as a housekeeper and still be sexy. 25 more words


"Atlas Shrugged," Psychology, and 60 Years

By John E. Dick © 2017

Atlas Shrugged, by novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand, turns 60 years old this year, 2017, published so many years ago in 1957. 1,250 more words

John's Ponderings

How to Be a Bad (Objectivist) Boy

Being a bad boy doesn’t mean one has to be horrible or mean, it means to exercise rational self interest in a profound way. The opposite of being a bad boy is being a nice guy, also known as a second hander. 1,588 more words

Objectivism In Action

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is a polarizing author: from my experience you either love her work or you hate it. One of my goals this summer was to clear out some of the older titles on my TBR: the intimidating classics and long novels that I tend to avoid during the semester when reading time is a precious commodity. 657 more words

The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead

by Ayn Rand

I don’t think I understood this book.

I understood parts of it. The hero, Howard Roark, is intended, I think, to represent the ideal man in Ayn Rand’s terms: he is self-made, dependent upon no one else, answers to no one but himself, acts for no other reason than his self-interest. 1,732 more words

Book Review

Best Book for Your Spirit Animal

It’s hard to find ways to fill the time while driving and I am currently on a driving-heavy vacation up the New England coast. As the wheels rolled on during our first stretch, we discussed Game of Thrones, the new Star Trek series, Koko the gorilla, 500 year-old sharks and spirit animals. 919 more words


Then he swiped his credit card to pay me for arresting him

I was shooting heroin

and reading “The Fountainhead”

in the front seat of my privately owned police cruiser

when a call came in.

I put a quarter in the radio to activate it. 690 more words