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Hard Times

It is no secret that the harp is universally known as a symbol of the Irish. It is also no secret that the Irish have a very sad history. 311 more words

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The Irish Harp: History, Politics, and Art

Since the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the harp became synonymous with Irishness, an association most notable today in the Guinness Beer Company’s trademark logo (est. 1759).  185 more words

The French Revolution (4/22-4/24)

This Poem Makes Sense if you go to UC Merced during the Latter Half of Spring

UC Merced, 2019

By Joseph Rojas

I meander at first, then pick up speed

Along the imaginary arrow.

On this journey I walk to take the lead; 134 more words

The French Revolution (4/22-4/24)

Reality TV Show Competition

In-class group work: Reality TV show competition (20 minutes)

In groups, students will evaluate the three creative writing blog posts (listed below) as a judge in a Reality TV show competition.  128 more words

The French Revolution (4/22-4/24)


A man from
the stalking brown hills once told me;

“Rides the
river an ocean of distance

‘Tween two
banks in the grove that is a grotto… 571 more words

The French Revolution (4/22-4/24)

Flint Michigan 2019,

A rendition of Willum Blakes’ “London” reflecting how well he capture the sorrowful streets of London.

By Ashley Jackson

Seek I search through each narrow lane… 98 more words

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Land of the Free in 2019

Inspired by London, William Blake

Confusion from the innocent witness,

Separated from their families,

Behind the inhumane walls,

They observe the “Land of the Free.”

The French Revolution (4/22-4/24)