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Grounded: A beautiful short that's a little too enigmatic

Browsing io9 this morning I noticed they were promoting a short film called Grounded. It’s beautifully shot and well worth sitting through. Here’s a link to the film: 130 more words

The Future Of Film

The Girl and the Fox

I have a soft spot for childhood tales and here’s one that takes me back to when I was a lad. Back then, forests were large, sometimes intimidating, places where nature seemed both forbidding and magical. 82 more words

The Future Of Film

The Esoteric Fantasy of Vaesen

Vaesen is great little animation I found today and I’d like to share it.  Watch the video below.

It’s the Bachelor project of Adrian Dexter.  According to this interview Adrian: 60 more words

The Future Of Film

Short Film: Archetype

I’ve been keeping an eye on this little short for a while.  It got flagged up as part of my project on future film making… 161 more words

The Future Of Film

The future of film: an immersive movie experience

It’s strange how fast we’ve gone from considering the extremes of technology to actually experiencing them. We can’t know how film will be defined in the next 10 years (or sooner), but here’s a glimpse of how close it can come, with the right technology, to immitating real life. Funded by Playstation.

The future of SF film making?

It seems that, if you want creative, high quality, genre films then it’s best not to rely on the big film/TV houses.   Yes these films get made but very often genre cinema  is reduced to by-the-numbers box ticking.  303 more words

The Future Of Film