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What's Good for Adele, Sucks For Everyone Else... And Here's Why...

We celebrate in all the success that Adele deserves. Like Taylor Swift and Beyonce’ before her the ladies are leading the industry with common sense. We applaud all three for windowing their new albums off of Spotify and other FREE streaming services. 832 more words

The Future Of Music

Aurous has nothing to do with SOPA | The Illusion of More

In fact, when the lawsuit was first announced, The Trichordist rather humorously (though not at all facetiously) announced an “office betting pool” as to how soon the Electronic Frontier Foundation would file an amicus brief on behalf of Aurous.

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Artist Rights

The Truth About Vinyl And Streaming - And It Is Not Pretty...

There’s a romanticism about vinyl, and we share that enthusiasm of the format for obvious reasons. However it should be noted that the romanticism that surrounds vinyl, is largely that- romanticism. 1,017 more words

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The problem is the music-streaming companies | The Hill - Paul Williams

Songwriters have a number of allies in the ongoing fight to update our nation’s horribly outdated music licensing laws. But after reading the recent post by CALInnovate’s Mike Montgomery (“Songwriters are fighting the wrong fight,” 10/5/15), it’s clear that he is not one of them.

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The Future Of Music

Transparency Starts Upstream for Streaming Royalties | HuffPo - Chris Castle

We’ve often noted that if the economics at the top of the waterfall are near zero dollars (in microcents) then what trickles down will not get any better… … 133 more words

The Future Of Music

Jimmy Iovine says, "YouTube is 40% of music business volume and 4% of music business revenue. That's a problem!" ‪#‎vfsummit‬

‘Freemium’ music streaming

“This whole thing about freemium, it’s a shell game. These companies are building an audience on the back of the artist, and it really bugs me.”

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We need to talk about Brian Eno, his John Peel Lecture and irrelevance.

Brian Eno. Is he a marmite figure? Does it count if half the population love you while the other half don’t really know who you are? 1,423 more words