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Prince glisse en douce un nouveau morceau sur #Spotify (BFMTV)

Un nouveau morceau de Prince a surgi, en exclusivité sur Spotify, jeudi. En catimini. Drôle de procédé pour celui qui avait fait retirer le 1er juillet dernier, tous ses morceaux de la plate-forme de streaming. 72 more words

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Guess Who’s Making a Comeback? Record #Labels. (Re/code)

Being a record label executive isn’t as cool (or fun) as it used to be. Ever since worldwide sales peaked at $38 billion in 1999, the industry for recorded music has contracted to less than half of that ($15 billion in 2014). 30 more words

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Hey, #Spotify! Why do you internet companies hate competition? (The Register)

Songwriters aren’t asking Uncle Sam for help. So why are you?

Last year Spotify hired a former political strategist in the Obama administration and some of Pandora’s lobbyists to protect its untenable and money-losing business model. 37 more words

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A Declaration of Principles for an Ethical and Sustainable Internet

Originally written and posted in 2012, here again for your July 4th weekend…

Technology may change but principles do not. A society that encourages the creative spirit is rare in history and worth defending. 1,215 more words

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Why .002 is Greater than .001 and Why 90 Days is Better than Forever...

There’s been a lot of talk and understandable dissent surrounding Apple’s free tier payment of the reported .002 per play during each consumers 90 day free trial period. 258 more words

The Future Of Music

Why Apple Music and Tidal are the right business models with the wrong optics.

Since Spotify launched in 2010 the music business has been in an existential crisis. Convinced that ad-supported unlimited free access to on-demand music would ultimately grow recorded music revenues the major labels opted into what may be their worst decision ever. 1,491 more words

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DMN Says It’s Unlikely Spotify Pays More to Rights Holders Than Apple Does

In the dust up surrounding the Apple Music Launch and the leaked agreement that lead to speculation that Apple was paying indies less than the often heard 70% to rights holders an interesting thing happened. 99 more words

The Future Of Music