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Holy Sh*t What the Schnitztit! So that’s what the future sounds like!?

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Every Saturday we will bring you guys a short exposé where we will curate information that blows your socks off. And believe us, this subject blew ours off. 502 more words


Why Digital Exec's ARPU is Bad Math and also Bad Philosophy for Artists.

ARPU. Do you know what that is? It’s Average Revenue Per User. Not withstanding the insulting connotation of referring to fans as “users” this is just bad on a number of different levels. 480 more words

The Future Of Music

Has music missed its 'Netflix moment'? | Music Business Worldwide

Subscription streaming movie service Netflix announced earlier this week that it has reached 62m users around the world – almost exactly the same number as Spotify.

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The Future Of Music

Apparently Billboard Doesn't Want Jay Z at Billboard Music Awards, Pimps for Spotify! @S_C_

Why on earth is Glenn Peoples and Billboard warning artists not to go exclusive with Jay Z’s Tidal?   Is Billboard pimping for Spotify?    We’ve long suspected this. 43 more words

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Tidal; music streaming... for what?

So, the music business must be struggling, right? Why else would the big corporations be setting up premium-cost streaming facilities?

The newest on the block is, of course, Jay-Z’s TIDAL which will set you back around £10 per month for the ‘service’. 381 more words

Spotify is the Problem, Not Labels. (Well, Mostly...)

There is a narrative that keeps getting repeated by Spotify apologists and propagandists. It goes something like this, “The problem is not that Spotify pays too little to artists it’s that record labels are not paying the artists their fair share of royalties from Spotify.” Ha! 684 more words

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Spotify Desperately Doubles Down on Dumb Bad Math... Free Doesn't Pay, It's Just Math.

Bring out your shills… It’s no surprise that Spotify has once again enlisted it’s shills and PR machinery to defend it’s exploitation of artists, bad business model, and horrible royalties. 742 more words

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