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If Only Artists and Managers Had Listened To Us : Spotify Per Stream Rates Keep Dropping

We hate to say we told ya so, but… Below is our post from September 2015. Two years ago we predicted the inevitable truth of the all you can eat Spotify subcription model. 305 more words

The Future Of Music

Labels / Spotify Admit Windowing is Streaming Solution (while cutting royalty rates)

It’s amazing how long it takes the industry to catch up to us. We strongly suggested windows and pay-gates at ad supported streaming services (Spotify) to drive conversion rates to subscription revenues… 113 more words

The Future Of Music

After 16% drop in Per Stream rates, Spotify asks for another 14% Reduction...

We can’t make this up. We’ve stated many times before, as the consumption of streams increase (and those services grow) the per stream rate will drop as revenues level off. 90 more words

Artist Rights

Music developments you NEED to know about.

This is a somewhat nerdy post attempting to explain Blockchain, the Internet of Things and VR developments slightly whilst doing them justice. The future of music and technology is bright! 375 more words