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How to Survive The SHIFT (the Final Act of The Event)

We’ve said all this before, but it bears restatement (see what we did there?)… though this time we’re gonna paraphrase what Spirit said through one of  721 more words

The Event

More Thoughts On The Chicago White Sox

I didn’t think I would be hitting this subject again this soon but the more I see, the more I feel a need to try to understand what I’m seeing, as well as try to explain my thoughts. 2,467 more words

All things friendships

Friendships can come in all types of sizes, lengths and dynamics, each of them different and unique. That is the wonderful thing about friendships: they’re each so different from each other, yet this also means they can get messy and complicated, with them being difficult to navigate through each one. 547 more words


The future comes with tomorrow

Walking in this time and place

I can see how deep Atlantis has sunk

The Utopia dreams I had once

now dead with grief.

In this new reality… 195 more words


Read the future

I cannot read the future and even if I could, I am not sure if I would want to know the future. I have procured my student visa now after a lot of hardships. 62 more words


Why Is Everyone Suddenly Talking About 'Blue Light'? An Explainer

For most people, our days go a little something like this: wake up, check your phone, get ready for the day, check your phone, head to work, stare at your… 1,409 more words

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