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What the Future Beholds.

Today I’m Talking about what the future can bring me or things I want to happen in the future.  I’ll start off with what I want to happen in the future. 256 more words

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Time Traveler claims Humans and Aliens live Together

Mia claimed she had been to the year 2600 as part of a bizarre scheme and was “recruited” after being asked to meet with a man in her high school principal’s office.  134 more words


Timeline Jumpyhouse for 11-19-18 [UPDATE1]

The above chart, from early this morning (for us, anyway) was a pretty quiet one. And Kiruna is back… well, kinda, as you’ll see. But we’re having some new kerfufflage — right now — as you’ll see at bottom. 195 more words



Hi. You know who you are. And we know who you are, all of you, from top to bottom to underground. And we know you monitor this site. 79 more words


The Green Way

Between harsh realities

flows the riverlet of possibility

Its verdant green seeps up and into

the day’s routine, problems, irritations 16 more words


Underrated Singles Of Singapore

Today’s post is about this very real and big problem faced by the many singles here in Singapore, myself included. It has also been a serious problem I’ve been wanting to tackle even before turning 35 but never had the guts to. 662 more words

Thoughts And Feelings

These 10 Books Predicted (or Created) the Future

Science fiction has a reputation as one of the less-serious forms of literature. But then again, it’s also the only genre that makes accurate predictions about the future on a regular basis. 98 more words