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The Thrill Buries a Time Capsule

The hour was late and the night was cold. I thrust my digging utensil of choice, the spoon I took from Peirce (but will give back), into the moist earth. 338 more words


Life's Real Purpose Same As Adolescents

For years I asked the Lord, what is the whole purpose of life in this world. It wasn’t until later I understood what the Lord was trying to get through to me. 990 more words


Supposed to Be

Have you ever believed the answer would be yes, and it was no?  Or, no instead of yes?  Or, death instead of life?  These questions came from thinking about what I mourn when the unexpected happens.  173 more words

Life Happens

Anthem (1992) - Leonard Cohen

This is the 4th song from Leonard Cohen in this music library project – that’s surprising considering we have only just past the halfway point of ‘A’s in the alphabetical order listing. 650 more words


To the Future

Well, the future is certainly unpredictable. How do you imagine it being? Cold? Bright? Worse than the past?… Have you tried to believe that all are going to be well in the future? 199 more words

Χωρίς κατηγορία

On Optimism: when was the last time you heard a virus debate whether or not to kill its host?

A lot of people are rightfully concerned about the future, primarily due to the pressures being put on our environment by growth and development.

I’ve thought about this over many moons and it’s one of those rare ocassions where I believe that the choice is black or white. 147 more words



When I began my exercise journey, there were blog posts about it. In fact, if you go search my archive, you’ll find them. Things were considerably simpler back then, which seems quite bizarre right now to say, … 507 more words

Life Of Grumpy