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University: Learning and the future.

When I first joined university, I didn’t believe that I would make any friends or even have a decent time there. University to begin with wasn’t even a thought in my mind as something I could achieve. 1,365 more words


God, I Don’t Know What The Future Holds But I’m Counting On You

I don’t know you’re planning for me. I don’t know how the next few months will unfold but I’m counting on you to give me the strength and patience I need to get through it. 425 more words


Jesus: The Master of Simple Truth

One of the the things that drew people to Jesus, I think, was his ability to cut through the religious language and articulate matters of faith in the simplest of terms. 376 more words

Spiritual Growth

Writing today's post yesterday...

So, I’m trying something different. I have just gotten the opportunity to go read poetry at a burner festival next week! Given that my last trip resulted in messy blog posting due to inconsistent cell service and WiFi accessibility, I am going to be creating extra and scheduling posts this week to be published while I’m at the festival. 304 more words


Where's the Exit?

The concept of mentorship has always been a little complex for me; I work in public accounting, where we are assigned “mentors” as part of the indoctrination process, which has caused the word to leave a bad taste in my mouth. 1,114 more words


Daily Ramblings - Ted Talk Tuesday - Ray Kurzweil

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Watch this video of Ray Kurzweil discussing technology-augmented brains and nanotechnology. I love this stuff!

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Ted Talk

The Times

by Daniel A. Kaufman


Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command… 946 more words