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Heads in the cloud: Scientists predict internet of thoughts ‘within decades’

B/CI technology might also allow us to create a future “global superbrain” that would connect networks of individual human brains and AIs to enable collective thought. 690 more words

Fresh Mint

Has Genesis shown us a fresh face in emission-free motoring?

Since the advent of the automobile, cars and cities have co-existed in uneasy truce, but as concerns over deteriorating air quality gain traction across the developed world, it seems increasingly likely that our towns are simply not big enough for both. 614 more words


Time out!

Sometimes I find myself wishing the world would stop.

Wishing someone would make all stop lights turn red; throw a monkey-wrench into the overheated gears of the madly-spinning carousel with its panting, sweat-lathered horses; someone to yell “ 1,236 more words


ain’t too proud to beg

Being prideful and having pride are two completely different things. Same words, but their meanings span the spectrum of opposites.

My grandparents were immigrants. They made lives for themselves in a foreign country in order to avoid exile and death. 350 more words

The Future

"We can’t control the future, but we can bend it"

A great way to think about the impact you want to have while you’re here:

My hunch is that two things are true:

  • We have much less direct control over the future than we hope, and that it will always surprise us.
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Back to 11...er, 12... [UPDATE4]

Hooboy. Those living near portals… note that they’re turned up to 11 while temporally close to full moons (next one is on Friday 4/19). Last night was brutal… but, with a purpose. 553 more words

Wave X

Building the Future

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Shocked and Disturbed

After the Second World War, allied troops who entered the concentration camps were deeply shocked and disturbed by what they found. 652 more words

A New Paradigm