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Hind site, what does it mean anyway?

I’ve heard, and used a phrase I decided to look up to find the full meaning it’s 20-20 Hindsight. The meaning is the perfect understanding of an event after it has happened. 581 more words

5 Minute Spew

The last couple weeks have been rough. I think things started sucking when I gave my dog away forever :(

He’s been my pup for 3 years, and he’s the most loyal, true, fun, lovable dog. 127 more words


This article suggests that we shouldn’t lose hope over burnout. That, as hopeless as articles like this and like this might make it seem, that there are some specific steps we can take to make things better. 277 more words

How It Works

Adamant Supporter on 99% Losses: 'But the Fundamentals were so Strong'

Weed through the shit and pick out the winners. That’s what all the crypto OGs told you. That’s what your paid group leader said was your path to independently, financial independence. 373 more words


They’re The Heroes, We Just Write The Story

Superheroes aren’t interesting because of their superpowers, they’re interesting in how they relate to everyone else despite being so radically different. Relationships and perceived relatability are simultaneously as basic and complicated as it gets. 215 more words

Autonomous Killer Robots

The terminator movies are no longer fictitious work, because the storyline is being followed through in reality. That vision of killer robots taking over the planet due to the artificial intelligence they possess may not completely be coming true. 473 more words

David Vissers

The Changeling

Who is this child? I’ve been asking myself often.
Last week, I spent every moment with Boychild, owing to a perfect storm of illness, a daycare provider retiring, and our new provider taking vacation. 741 more words

What Is Happening?!?!?!