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(Okay.  I moved this from September 1st to the 15th because I forgot about all of the October post stuff I had set up.  Sorry about any confusion.) 863 more words



Imagine you’re on a train. You’re looking out of the windows at sheep and clouds and wondering where sheep would go if they could fly and what clouds would do if they had to wander about in fields when you hear a dog barking. 423 more words


The fact that we can yeet is why we're in this mess

I swear this is coherent.

So think about it, right? We lived in packs, but we had no claws. No talons. No fearsome teeth. All we could really do was strike down animals with rocks that acted as just “fists but way harder”… or could we? 417 more words

The Main Shizzle

The Future: Two Poems by Chris Muravez

The Art of Dying

We are all walking around,
smelling like apocalypse—
a fleshy earth musk
not unlike summer squash.
I’ve been accused of being… 412 more words


Short Fiction from The Future: "No God Just Google" by Nicholas Rys

Part 1: Man vs Nature

After the president was eaten alive by bears on national television the country fell into various states of dilapidation.

In a rare moment of unity, both fans and critics agreed it was a riveting and appropriate end to what ultimately culminated in both a condescending and overextended stay. 667 more words

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"The Other Iras: A Multiverse Essay," nonfiction from The Future by Ira Sukrungruang

Ira finds an anthill, and instead of burning it, he watches the slow, tedious work of carrying a crumb into the earth. In this way, he learns the true meaning of weight loss. 1,550 more words

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Poetry from The Future: "I am amputated on the edge of this black hole" by Jayme Russell

my singularity
injected wet wear
makes me robotic
hand flexing
feel the mechanical
brain feedback
if I grab you tightly
I can feel you
even though I don’t have you… 86 more words