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The Future of the Past

In the final book of Liu Cixin’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy, Death’s End, when faced with an unstoppable extinction-level event, Cheng Xin and Ai AA go to the distant edge of the solar system to try to preserve some artifacts of human existence from the encroachment of two-dimensional space. 2,206 more words


Facelift (1984)

First broadcast on 21 April 1984, Facelift is a strange offering from director Tony Bicât, a director hitherto synonymous with darker, weighty, far more down-to-earth fare like the cult favourite… 607 more words

Science Fiction

I changed my blog

I’m terrible at blogging. I’m inconsistent, take too long to write, and still end up with all kinds of syntactical and grammatical errors. I’ve taken a break for a few years and I’ve decided I would combat my inadequacies in a few keys ways: 211 more words


Going nowhere anytime soon

On a bus bound for a job interview. On a Sunday at 5pm. With a dude who works in a town just over a hour away from Toronto. 562 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

parent trap

Guiding a child through adolescence is exhausting work. Some days are without incident. And others I can practically see my young one trapped in a rubber bubble trying to punch his way out. 434 more words