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You have a hope

I have penned your name in my book

I have written a story of my love…

Which, I am unveiling through your life

You will sing joyous melodies… 52 more words

Be Encouraged

How I Finally Learned To Stop Wasting Time

I walked into 2020 with such high expectations. It was the beginning of a new decade. I had streamlined my life, eliminated a lot of people, especially ones who did nothing but make me miserable day in and day out. 1,155 more words

Nobody Knows

I’ve been avoiding predictions about the world to come. It’s all speculation. Mark Lilla of Columbia University agrees:

The public square is thick today with augurs and prophets claiming to foresee the post-Covid world to come. 588 more words


"Nothing Like This Has Happened Before": China To Invest $1 Trillion In New Plan To Overtake US In Tech



Wed, 05/20/2020

As we have been writing since late 2018, when it comes to the technological arms race between the US and China, one place where China has been badly lagging the US, is in the production of semiconductors, which is also China’s biggest weakness in its ongoing scramble to catch up with the US technologically. 623 more words


future planning - a whole new dream?

Lockdown has given me an ungodly amount of time to sit and stew with my own thoughts, mulling over every aspect of my somewhat pathetic life. 973 more words



How can I tell what I think until I see what I say? – E. M. Forster

Crazy times!

Lately I have not been myself and I am sure it is due to this crazy coronavirus, our period of self-isolation, as well as our current political situation. 719 more words

Don’t try to see ahead to the nice bits. Don’t try to see ahead to the end. Stay with the present, even if it is not so good.

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