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Rose Window

Building a dream is like building a mosaic.
Each failed attempt, each tiny step forward,
Is a beautiful peace of what will one day be… 30 more words


I am Not a Success Story

If you go onto any blog/writing website out there today, it’s almost guaranteed that there’s gonna be some sort of “self help” section where people who’ve “made it” tell those who are still in the “rat race” all the secrets and insider tips on how to get their life together and how to be happy. 396 more words

Self Help

Young, Dumb, & in Love

It’s not a recent development that I write music, but sharing my songs is definitely something that I haven’t done up until a few months ago. 208 more words


How to write a good CV

Imagine the so many exciting opportunities to grasp and all it takes to seize one is to send in a good CV. Inexhaustible cases abound of people who found this dream job. 2,421 more words



Have you ever asked yourself this question why man is not living the glorious life? Well as we will be made to know. In most cases it is not as a result of lack of will power but of sufficient light and sheer rebellion. 2,566 more words



over bleached collar right
claw stretched spectrum lefts,

extremes now central to
brewing melted-pot unrest,

only underpass oversight protests
are left of our founder rights, 88 more words

A new AI acquired humanlike ‘number sense’ on its own

Artificial intelligence can share our natural ability to make numeric snap judgments.

Researchers observed this knack for numbers in a computer model composed of virtual brain cells, or neurons, called an artificial neural network. 570 more words