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Love, security, safety, oh my!

Things are just getting better and I friggin’ love it. I’m so happy

First and foremost, today, I was home without any parents, just my brother, and did we ever have a good time. 496 more words

The Main Shizzle

Covering This Nonsense Again... For The Final Time...

Here we go again.

I had hoped in April that I was covering this subject for the final time, but due to my own ridiculous stupidity, I have to do it again. 1,123 more words

The Beginning~Diagnosis

May 23rd, 2019 2:45pm

I arrived at the hospital, parking my vehicle I took two big deep breaths! “I’m going to be okay, this will make it better”. 615 more words

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I had a vision last night. I have not had such a clear vision about British politics since my dream about the shell-suited devil. 440 more words


Hurricane Watch

So we are on hurricane watch with Barry coming onshore in Louisiana.  We are expected to get a LOT of rain from it.  Bob’s in Biloxi with out youngest for a dance clinic–I am just hoping he is far enough east so as to miss out on the storm surge and flooding that is expected from Long Beach to west of New Orleans. 215 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Moving Forward

Everyday, is passing by; and time slows down for no one! You have to live life in the moment of each day. To be thankful that you woke up, and still have the chance to make your mark in this world. 53 more words

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Haunting Voices

June 17th, 2019

I woke up from the dead of sleep gasping for air, while gripping the bed on panic! Trying to adjust to the darkness as it was night, and not a single light flickered. 354 more words

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