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145. a touching display

Wire’s 154, released in 1979, has been hard to ignore with this list, being one of those albums that helped invent the future, gave birth to all manner of sounds and textures that would come to define the decade known as the 1980s, which is now ancient history, of course. 69 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse

Carol anne asks

In 40 years, what will people be nostalgic for?

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What the Future Holds

Annie Shpiels, G-d Laughs.

I’d like to think I have my future figured out.
I’ll have a successful career as a clinical psychologist.
I’ll work and live in either Montreal, New York, Pittsburg, or Philadelphia.

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Tayna tretyey planety (1981)

Also known as either Mystery of the Third Planet or Secret of the Third Planet, Roman Kachanov’s stunningly animated science fiction film is something of a cult phenomenon in its native Russia, though it’s less well known in the rest of the world. 737 more words


A Number of Firsts

Thought I’d finally abandoned this place for the summer? Nah. It’s only been a weekend. Still no pictures, though. Just not feelin’ it.

So today was my first day of like, … 409 more words

The Main Shizzle

AI Poems II: European Election Edition

So, those European Elections, huh? Sure was…exactly what everyone expected. I wanted to write about it, but rather than be the thousandeth person to hold forth on the far right, who always and forever do well at these, I decided to be the first person to turn every party’s election manifesto into poems with the help of AI. 841 more words