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Teaser Trailer for The Gallows Drops; Too Scary to Watch??

It seems the new buzz phrase for all upcoming horror releases is, “it’s the scariest film of the year.” I noticed this started towards the end of 2014 with the release of… 296 more words

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This Teaser for 'The Gallows' Is Just Horrifying...

There has been no other movie studio better than Blumhouse Productions over the last decade when it comes to the horror genre. They have made a living making horror films for $5-10 million dollars and getting total grosses six, seven, even ten times that. 303 more words


FILM TRAILERS: Poltergeist | Spooks: The Greater Good | Southpaw | The Gift | Learning to Drive | The Gallows | Results | Star Wars | Batman v Superman

I am so behind with watching new trailers! My ‘watch later’ map on Youtube was well-stocked! :) So here are the newest (teaser) trailers of the last few weeks, which are – in my opinion – worth watching! 29 more words


Unfriended Review

Every generation has a horror movie or two that completely encapsulates the fears brought about by their primary method of expression. In the 80s, Friday The 13th turned the campsites of free drinks, drugs, and love into blood soaked grave-sites, In the 90s, The Blair Witch Project created an entirely new genre using our obsession with portable and accessible video as it’s weapon, and now in 2015, Unfriended takes on the horrors of the internet. 619 more words


Watch: The Gallows - Teaser Trailer

Here’s the first teaser trailer for upcoming horror movie, The Gallows – and it looks scary as hell.


New Teaser Leads You to "The Gallows"

Yet another Blumhouse production has found a trailer, and this time it’s for the upcoming found footage thriller The Gallows. Any horror movie set inside of a high school is always fascinating to me, and the extremely red aesthetic of the trailer is more than enough to capture my attention. 94 more words


THE GALLOWS - Teaser trailer

A teaser trailer for horror flick The Gallows. Out on July 10.