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Gallup Sez Texas Might Turn to the Left… God Bless America!




For decades, pollsters counted Texas… for better or worse… as one of the reddest of red states. Therefore, it may come as quite a shock to learn that, as demographics shift, it isn’t amongst the most Republican states anymore.  273 more words


Maybe it's time to consider a Gross Domestic Happiness Index

Most people believe that wealth and happiness go hand in hand. It’s a stereotype that’s perpetuated in lifestyle magazines, in lottery ads and on celebrity-worshipping TV shows like Entertainment Tonight. 409 more words


3 ways to tell if your new job candidate will be an engaged employee

Parachuting out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft is a deeply unnatural act. Yet scores of Canadian soldiers will do this voluntarily every year. In my military service I did it 13 times — eight jumps to earn my Canadian parachute wings and five times to gain the German Fallschirmjäger wings. 712 more words