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Gambler, No. 19 [The Broken Arrow]

“Painting, Sir, can illustrate, but it cannot inform.” – Dr. Johnson

The wind finally chilled out, so I had no excuse. I steadied the arrow as best I could and lifted the bow, pulling back on the nock and making sure it was lodged nicely into the string.

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The Gambler

William Monahan on Writing Mojave, The Departed, London Boulevard and More

William Monahan writes before the sun rises, goes about his day, and then writes some more. The 55-year-old screenwriter’s credits include Kingdom of Heaven, The Departed, Body of Lies, … 2,470 more words


Gambler, No. 18 [On the Extended Joys of Cycling*]

“But said he ‘had not had a roll for a long time,’ and taking out of his pockets his keys, a pencil, a purse, and other objects, lay down parallel at the edge of the hill, and rolled down its full length, ‘turning himself over and over till he came to the bottom.’” – W.J.

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The Gambler

Gambler, No. 17 [The Wildlife]

“Why, Sir, all ignorant savages will laugh when they are told of the advantages of civilized life. Were you to tell men who live without houses, how we pile brick upon brick, and rafter upon rafter, and that after a house is raised to a certain height, a man tumbles off a scaffold and breaks his neck, they would laugh heartily at our folly in building; but it does not follow that men are better without houses.

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The Gambler

Inspiration Strikes

As a teacher, I feel like the most powerful skill I need to possess is the power to inspire.

Some days (or most days) I feel like I don’t always have the right experiences, knowledge or words to inspire my students. 232 more words

Teaching Ideas

Gambler, No. 16 [Bird-Watching, or What Happens Here, Leaves]

I am willing to love all mankind except an American. – Johnson

Routine is underappreciated and misunderstood. The common response, or thought, toward it is that it is very plain or dull.

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Can Old Lady Clinton Understand Benghazi Significance?

The thing that most bothers me about Hillary Clinton’s comments about Benghazi is that she doesn’t seem to understand why people are concerned about her mishandling of the Benghazi situation.   485 more words