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Do The Amber Bugs sink or swim?

New single The Gambler is an alt-folk track of acquired taste. 142 more words


Gambler, No. 33 [The Lights]

“As we walked along the Strand to-night, arm in arm, a woman of the town accosted us, in the usual enticing manner. ‘No, no, my girl,’ (said Johnson) it won’t do.’ He, however, did not treat her with harshness, and we talked of the wretched life of such women; and agreed that much more misery than happiness, upon the whole, is produced by illicit commerce between the sexes.” – Boswell… 1,171 more words

The Gambler

Gambler, No. 32 [The Mountain]

“Human experience, which is constantly contradicting theory, is the greatest test of truth. A system, built upon the discoveries of a great many minds, is always of more strength, than what is produced by the mere workings of any one mind, which, of itself, can do little.” – Johnson… 1,088 more words

The Gambler

The Gambler

Somethings keep remaining funny long after your life should’ve outgrown them.

  • Watching people trip and fall
  • Friends dropping ice cream cones, tacos, or other cherished food items…
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Gambler, No. 31 [The Gym]

“He mentioned to me now, for the first time, that he had been distrest by melancholy, and for that reason had been obliged to fly from study and meditation, to the dissipating variety of life. 1,184 more words

The Gambler

Gambler, No. 30 [The Brewers]

“As soon as I enter the door of a tavern, I experience an oblivion of care, and a freedom from solicitude: when I am seated, I find the master courteous, and the servants obsequious to my call; anxious to know and ready to supply my wants: wine there exhilarates my spirits, and prompts me to free conversation and an interchange of discourse with those whom I most love: I dogmatise and am contradicted, and in this conflict of opinions and sentiments I find delight.” – Johnson… 1,606 more words

The Gambler

Gambling: Sports Betting & Dostoevsky

A couple months ago, James created this website and I drafted my biography in the “About” section before writing my first piece. These few paragraphs describe us to an extent, but it’s much easier to go for humor when you’re introducing yourself to an audience that doesn’t really know you and, in practice at least, will probably never really know you. 1,201 more words