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Gambling: Sports Betting & Dostoevsky

A couple months ago, James created this website and I drafted my biography in the “About” section before writing my first piece. These few paragraphs describe us to an extent, but it’s much easier to go for humor when you’re introducing yourself to an audience that doesn’t really know you and, in practice at least, will probably never really know you. 1,201 more words


Gambler, No. 29 [The Fog*]

“The man who comes looming out of the fog to us is always the first man made. He is the authentic image of God, speaking our own secret and extraordinary tongue, especially if we have lost the way… The man who came out of the fog last night with a great torch to help my cabman along was not (I think) a cabman. 1,104 more words

The Gambler

Gambler, No. 26 [The Radio, Part I]

“Sleep undisturbed within this peaceful shrine,
Till angels wake thee with a note like thine.” – Johnson


The three men sat and slouched on a couch and wooden chair.

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The Gambler

What Kenny Rogers Taught Me About Life

In 1978, Jimmy Carter was president; Jim Jones led 500 people in a mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, there were 4.302 billion on the planet,  unemployment was at 6.1%, and the average income was $15,064. 662 more words


Gambler, No. 25 [The Road-Work]

“It is allowed that vocations and employments of least dignity are of the most apparent use; that the meanest artisan or manufacturer contributes more to the accommodation of life than the profound scholar and argumentative theorist; and that the public would suffer less present inconvenience from the banishment of philosophers than from the extinction of any common trade.” – Samuel Johnson…

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The Gambler

Gambler, No. 24 [The False Alarm]

It is the condition of our present state to see more than we can attain, the exactest vigilance and caution can never maintain a single day of unmingled innocence, much less can the utmost efforts of incorporated mind reach the summits of speculative virtue.

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The Gambler

Know When to Hold’em

There’s an old Kenny Rogers song (yes, I know I’m dating myself) that says, “You’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run . 462 more words