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Gambler, No. 16 [Bird-Watching, or What Happens Here, Leaves]

I am willing to love all mankind except an American. – Johnson

Routine is underappreciated and misunderstood. The common response, or thought, toward it is that it is very plain or dull.

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The Gambler

Can Old Lady Clinton Understand Benghazi Significance?

The thing that most bothers me about Hillary Clinton’s comments about Benghazi is that she doesn’t seem to understand why people are concerned about her mishandling of the Benghazi situation.   485 more words

Voices carry ‘til Tuesday

“First things first. No more Word of the Day from Dictionary.com – namby-pamby – lacking in character, directness, like last year’s editor.” 391 more words


Gambler, No. 14 [The Line]

“Patience and submission are very carefully to be distinguished from cowardice and indolence. We are not to repine, but we may lawfully struggle; for the calamities of life, like the necessities of nature, are calls to labour, and excercises of diligence.

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The Gambler

Gambler, No. 13 [My Two Weeks Notice]

“To remember and to recollect (said he,) are different things. A man has not the power to recollect what is not in his mind; but when a thing is in his mind he may remember it.” — Dr.

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Gambler, NO. 12 [The Pointless Profession]

BOSWELL. “Then, Sir, What is poetry?”
JOHNSON. “Why, Sir, it is much easier to say what it is not. We all know what light is; but it is not easy to…

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