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St. Pat's Captain's Log: Brought to you by the letter "o" for "oof" #nodtoSesameStreet

Ladies and gentlemen, I present “How I spent my first St. Patrick’s Day back in Atlanta.”

7:46 a.m. Wake up to the doorbell. Apparently, it is playtime in the neighborhood. 713 more words


Who would you say is the most well-known lesbian/gay/bi character in modern pop culture?

…and you can assume that includes all possible synonyms for “bi” that I didn’t try to cram in the title.

As a separate question, who would you say is the most well-known trans character in modern pop culture? 32 more words


[PREMIERE] The Gays - No Love In The Village

The Gays are a loose collective with an unclear membership list, fronted by Montreal’s William Riley. This Friday marks the release of their debut album, and manifesto, The Agenda. 225 more words

VP Pence so busy with his gay Twitter romances he fumbles the North Korea bomb!

Sub headline from Daily Beast:

On Friday, the vice president made the world’s worst regime look friendly, handing North Korea multiple propaganda victories. Call it what it is: a failure of American diplomacy.

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VP Jesus Pence tries to pick up a gay Olympian -- reveals his gayness publicly! Good for him!

From the Daily Beast here:

Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday sent a message of support to an openly gay American figure skater who’d reportedly turned down an invitation to meet with him at the Winter Games over his stance on gay rights.

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The Remains of the Day and Gay English Butler Vibes

“It has been my privilege to see the very best of England over the years, sir, within these very walls.” ––Stevens

We all know The Remains of the Day  685 more words