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stop this country, I want to get off

Everything this week is horrible and heartbreaking, and I hate it. Trying to make it stop feels like trying to hold back a runaway train with a rope. 398 more words

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Pedophile Milo?

Headline from Huffpo:

Video surfaces of Milo Yiannopoulos defending pedophilia, ACU board reportedly not consulted on CPAC invite


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Why Gay Nazi Milo is so great for Republican scumbags

From here:

So Wilmore, seemingly aware of Yiannapoulos’s faulty logic, responded, “This is what I said: the same argument we used against gay people. You should do your homework.

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So they made a Cat in the Hat Christmas special in 2012...

…in association with this TV series, and the art is this unholy hybrid of Flash animation and Dr. Seuss’s original drawing style. It’s such a trainwreck. 203 more words

Erin Watches

From the Tumblr facepalm brigade

Ace Tumblr: Support asexuals and asexuality!
Me: Sure thing.
Ace Tumblr: Acephobia in the queer community is a real problem!
Me: Some people are definitely dicks about it, yeah. 186 more words


Hillary Clinton's lead is up to 2.2 million, and other politics news

From the Cook Political Report’s numbers as of November 22: HRC is up to 64,500,489 while Donald is only at 62,371,681.

Obama in 2012 clocked in at 65,446,032 — and there are still enough uncounted ballots in California that Hillary has a good shot at matching him. 551 more words

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Fun stuff: Trump leaks, drunk Stonewall, and more

I’ve been sick since Friday, which means my days have been passing in a blur of naps, coughing, periodically getting up to make another bowl of chicken soup, and watching the clock to see if it’s time for another dose of Nyquil yet. 288 more words

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