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A more coherent #StandWithOrlando post.

The latest Savage Lovecast opens with almost twenty minutes of Dan channeling grief and heartbreak and hope into words I needed, that a lot of us probably need. 262 more words

Fake News

I thought I was handling this

and then a photoset of the victims’ faces came across my Facebook feed and now I’m not handling it.


Erin Reads: classic Oz, full-of-queer-people edition

Even knowing what it actually means in context, I get a smile every time these books go on about Oz being “full of queer personages.” 749 more words

The Gays

Whyyyyyyyyy. [queer women on TV edition]

I would not have guessed there had been 147 lesbian/bi female characters on TV total, let alone 147 lesbian/bi female characters who got killed… 144 more words






I love how groups of friends will end up adopting a group name. like wether it’s something just like “squad” or “meme team” an inside joke or something.

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Grow Up

Some very good advice from Jim Wendler.

Mason Darrow didn’t choose to be gay and I can’t imagine the stress of telling his teammates. But I can assure you that if his teammates didn’t get on his case about him being gay, he would have been alone in that locker room. 

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