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Two Jumps Forward, One Jump Back

Trevethick Orbital, BR Piscium

This traditional Solar “weekend” thing was kinda fun, but “Monday”, whatever that is, was a bear, and nobody on the station was offering much of anything except the station stoolies, who were willing to offer credits for Rebel dead drop comm pods, but not willing to keep it on the up-and-up. 816 more words

Bloody Pirates

Buster Keaton: The Irony of the Irish

The following is my entry in “The Luck of the Irish Blog o’ Thon,” hosted by the blog Silver Scenes from March 15 to 17 in honor of St. 987 more words

The General

The General ★★★★★ is the film that everyone should go to if they are hesitant to explore the world of silent cinema. It is the story about a man with a love for a woman and his train. 253 more words

5-Star Reviews

Bait and Switch

Hopkins Terminal, Ross 193

After a couple of days eating mostly real food and fraternization with mostly real women (and a couple of fellas checking out the flight patterns), and repeated visits to the bulletin board, I concluded that things weren’t going to get any better at Hopkins. 606 more words

Black Boxing

Did you notice that?

There are useful three lines on the upper right corner, where you guys can find all the posts sorted by categories. Categories are representing each science. 33 more words

The General

Welcome to the Group 4 Project "Brave New World" Website

And feel free to browse through!

Our group was researching the planet called Kepler 62e as suitable for life. We researched how can we create life on this planet, how we can travel there, how we will supply ourselves with oxygen while travel, everything. 135 more words

The General

February 2015

We’re 16.16% of the way through 2015. I watched 16 films in January. But did I also watch 16 films in February?

February’s films

#17 The Black Cauldron (1985) 524 more words