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The Sailor is Home from the Sea

A large, dark bird was circling over the ship before they even got into the harbor. It was hard to tell colors against the sky, but it was a very large bird. 3,321 more words

"Get That Thing Away From My Gigi!"

Hyacinth advanced upon her, pointing a finger, “Now, don’t you start with that!”

“Put that thing away,” said the General. “You are not addressing a man or a child.” She nodded at Milo. 4,080 more words

Episode 2: I Am The Dream

Fletcher Flynn had his first exhibition at Foundations Gallery on 8th Street in 2002.

A painting named Silver Eagle provided the centerpiece for the affair. This super-flat representation of an American Bald Eagle looked like the ones found on the back of any quarter. 1,784 more words

A day in South Bend

Building off of The Observer’s Scene in South Bend feature, meant to connect Notre Dame students to off-campus destinations, I created a tour meant to represent a day in the city. 88 more words

Pilot: Steel and Steal, Fire and Rain (4)

At the first opportunity, she could not go in and see to Mordecai. There were more coming and she needed things for the people she already had. 4,354 more words

Vin Scully and the General

This past Saturday Night we ventured out to the Cal State Northridge Valley Performing Arts Center to catch Buster Keaton’s groundbreaking silent film “The General” with the New West orchestra conducted by Richard Kaufman providing the soundtrack. 534 more words