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The National Geographic Genographic Project: Is it akin to genetic astrology?

A few years ago I donated some DNA to The National Geographic Genographic Project.

I was very pleased with what I discovered about my ancestry.  I… 776 more words


DNA - The Search For Scientific Adam - National Geographic - video

The Search For Scientific Adam

DNA – The Search For Scientific Adam – National Geographic documentary

New DNA studies suggest that all humans descended from a single African ancestor who lived some 60,000 years ago. 178 more words


Spencer Wells Uses “Synthetic Efforts to Understand our Common Past” – Come See Him at the Atlantic Meets the Pacific Conference

Spencer Wells, Ph.D., is on a quest to discover the original migration routes of our ancestors by mapping DNA from people around the world.  A… 199 more words

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Today, I made History

Today I sent a DNA sample to The Genographic Project. The Genographic Project is about the migratory history of the human species by using of DNA contributed by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. 28 more words

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Genographic Project results

I submitted DNA samples to the Genographic Project in May this year and have been eagerly checking the analysis progress.  Today I found they had finished and the results are quite fascinating. 261 more words

"The Genographic Project"

The Genographic Project

National Geographic. “With a simple and painless cheek swab you can sample your own DNA and submit it to the lab. Your results will reveal your deep ancestry along a single line of direct descent (paternal or maternal) and show the migration paths they followed thousands of years ago.” 13 more words