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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

I read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell last year, and it was so good. Funny, charming, magical and utterly enjoyable – I highly recommend you check it  out if you like period pieces with a touch of magic. 145 more words


The Gentleman by Forrest Leo

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re unhappily married and you meet the Devil, who isn’t a hoofed, fiery horror but a “gentleman”. You strike up a conversation with him in which you mention that you’re absolutely depressed and unable to continue on because of your martial situation. 367 more words

Book Review

Chapter Forty-One: Sunshine

The winter’s sun reflected magnificently off the ice, dazzling the remaining combatants. Yet where Jason Fortuno stood, there was no light, just a human silhouette, impossibly dark, as Griffon had been upon the day of his resurrection. 1,045 more words


Chapter Forty: The Battle of Ages

William Griffon stood confidently at the head of his army, clad in an elegant black robe and red lined cape which swirled dramatically in the wind. 1,642 more words


Roll Out the Red Carpet for ‘The Gentleman’ at GKO 9

In the world of MMA, athletes plod along the regional circuit’s maze, compiling a winning record to propel them beyond a tangled web of hope meets opportunity and, one day, land on a global stage. 315 more words


Halloween Reading: The Gentleman by Forrest Leo

“I’m in love and I’ve the best private library in Britain. I have never known books or love ever to fail, so I don’t see why they’d do so now.” 478 more words

Book Review

The round up // August 2016

I’m starting to feel like a broken record with all this, “I can’t believe it’s tomorrow”, because I’ve been saying it every month for the last three months (at least) and I still can’t understand how the year is going by so quickly. 566 more words