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Man Politely Asks Hospital to Remove Scissors from his Skull

CHIHUAHUA, Mexico, Jan. 21 – A Mexican stabbing victim was nicknamed “El Caballero” — “The Gentleman” — by hospital staff after politely requesting help removing a pair of scissors from his face.  282 more words

Sorry, Sir (The inconsiderate gentleman).

Savour your victory, Sir. In this moment, you have certainly outwitted me. You had me at the disadvantage when you struck. Though you knew it, it did not slow your attack, nor did it diminish your victor’s ardour. 107 more words


The Gentleman

What good are white-boards without a little nonsense?

Art by Zorganoth

Writing by Friend


The Gentleman: Blogging Like a Sir

Let me start with a quote from a man whom I respect very much.

“Being a man isn’t about what you have or what you wear. 296 more words

The Gentleman

The Gentleman


It’s only right, I do a post on gentlemen. Before we get stuck in, allow me to just clarify a few things:

There is no such thing as a perfect gentleman, rather every woman has their own idea of their perfect gentleman, and yes she could be in love with or have found her perfect gentleman. 599 more words

Review: Spider-Man: The Sinister Six Trilogy

Spider-Man: The Gathering of the Sinister Six by Adam-Troy Castro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually read a prose version of an actual comic character which wasn’t a novelization of a film (I read the original Superman novel back in the 70s) but I love comics (and this book was written by Adam-Troy Castro, an acquaintance) so I figured I’d give it a shot. 2,216 more words



A friend of mine told me to check out a couple of videos on Facebook. He knew for sure that I would be able to relate, “I mean, what guy wouldn’t be able to”. 629 more words

The Gentleman