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“Magnus Errolssehn?”

I nodded slowly, somewhat intimidated at the sight of two burly men (bearing large Spasmer rifles, no less), and altogether cowed by the very disturbing image of an obviously crippled girl in a military exosuit, staring at me with luminous purple eyes. 1,709 more words



My name is Kamila, and I am Gifted.

Not that this knowledge gives me any special pride. Being Gifted means a lot in most Domes, where the ratio of normal people to us walking freak shows is large. 1,292 more words



My name is Silas, and I am Gifted.

It’s been eighteen years to the day since the earth – or more correctly, the Milky Way – lined up perfectly with what scientists are now calling the Central Omnipotent Reality Engine, or C.O.R.E., for short. 1,448 more words


Relationships with Wale

Nowadays I am proud to say, that the mainstream Rap/ Hip-hop genre is quite diverse. There are a variety of things rapped about outside of guns, money and hoes. 1,097 more words

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Project Profile: Wale - 'The Album About Nothing'

Mr. Folarin dropped his new album, ‘The Album About Nothing’ last week 3/31 and being that Wale is one of my favorite artists I’ve already… 119 more words


Wale 'The Album About Nothing' Review By: Kyle Pinaro

The Album About Nothing Review

By: Kyle Pinaro

   Wale is a wildly ambitious rapper. He has never reached as many people as he would like to, and he’s never had a global or even national hit, but he’s had songs that are popular in the streets and obviously to his fans but that’s really it. 408 more words


Author Gail Bowen: A Saskatchewan Success Story

By Sheryl Smolkin

Hi. Today I’m talking to Saskatchewan retired professor, author and playwright Gail Bowen. I’m an avid reader, so when I read her most recent Joanne Kilbourn mystery, “The Gifted,” which was published in 2013, and realized that she wrote 18 earlier books I decided to go back to the beginning and read as many of them as possible. 1,789 more words

Sheryl Smolkin